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I"M BACK!!!!!!!

July 30 2006

Yeah so I'm back from florida.............. During my stay I thought about a question for all of you who read this.........

and I want your honest answer............

When you look at the ocean what do you think about????

                                IN CHRIST john

Garrett Haynes

July 30 2006
I think about the ocean

kristen teeters

July 30 2006
ahaha good one garrett! john, so glad ur back from florida and that u had fun! your fishing trips sounded awesome! lol anyway..when i look at the ocean first i think about is how BIG God is and that HE created it all by just saying just a few little words. second i think about how beautiful it is & how much i want to live there one day. and thirdly i would have to say i think about ben..i dont know why, i just do. good question!!! have a great week!! ttyl!


July 30 2006
hahah garretts comment...hahahah that made me laugh. I think about God, and special ppl in the world that mean something to me :). But yeh glad your back from Florida.. and sry I cried like a mo on the fone, my mom had just told me right when u called.. so :/. But today was the funeral, and I sang .. it went well. But anyway I will see u in like 4 days... woh thats soon. haha ~ sarah