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Hate Mail Vol. 2

July 06 2006
dude what is your problem... you know its blasphemy to say your god or
the devil. If you were satan then the rapture would have happened. and
me being a devout christian should know tht it hasnt... stop the petty
"im satan, now bow before me" crap... no one cares... and theres no
humor in the post you just made... its very serious... and very true..
God Bless.


hmmmmm lemme see....

what if i were to tell you to go fuck yourself?

would it interest you to know that i am just a bored agnostic teenager making a parody of satan?

South Park does you watch south park?

If its sooo blasphemous to say your god or satan, why dont you say something to Jesus? He has a Phusebox.

Hate Mail Vol. 1

July 05 2006
HEY!!! i would just like to tell you that Jesus died on a cross and
suffered alot of pain so that you can live!!!!! i think you shoud be
living for JESUS not the devil!!!!!! Just wanted you to know that JESUS
loves YOU!!!!


Mz. DitZY


i dont know if you can hear me with your head that far up your pompus christian ass, you might be able to see the humor in this.


June 21 2006

fuck all of you mutherfuckers!

Muahhahaha Mortals!!!!

May 07 2006

This is the Dark Lord Satan!!! I will bring you all pain!!!! Well. Me and Jesus made love, that is all. it was sooo good it made my neighbor want a cigarette. well, i gotta to go cleanse my anus,



May 03 2006

wow mortals, its been a while. Well, Me and Jesus, we toked up pretty good on 4/20, how about yall? That Jesus is one crazy character when he is high.,,,ah but sigh


Hello Mortals

November 26 2005
Well I just saw that amazing Harry Potter movie. It was fantastic, except i condemded all their souls for eternity!!!! So how is life on Earth? Everything is just peachy down here. You know being good is so overated, if your were bad, you could live with me and Sadam. Well, I gotta go catch Pikachu!!! Team Rocket Blast off!!!!

-with much drudistic rituals to sacrifice virgins,

p.s. @---)------ 
(it is a rose)

Hi I am Satan

October 01 2005
Muahhaahaa mortals! I am satan Ruller of the underworld!!!. This is My Pusebox. Well a little about me: Well, im taken Im currently dating Saddam Hussein, I like pink things and ponys, I live in a shack and poop in an outhouse. I enjoy long walks in the ghetto and sailing my yacht. I occasinaly get things stuck in my butt, but thats just because i get hammerd too much. Oh I rule the underworld with an iron fist, and I comdemn souls for eternity. well thats just a little about me

peace and harmony,