the wedding!

December 04 2005


 well the wedding was amazing! so beautiful!!  the sunset was awsome! i'll put some pictures on here a.s.a.p.! im so glad i got to go!! i ended up being the ring bearer b/c the girl that was going to do it fought with her sister about being the flower girl!! so they were both the flower girl! lol thats about it! 20days till christmas eve!! yeah!!

sarah marie loves yall!!

picture from flordia

November 14 2005

my cousin chris playing w/roxy his rout* rilier*!!

chris and i horsing around in the pool!!

Phuse box!

November 13 2005


 i just thought i would get a phuse box b/c i knew some people from church had one!! that's about it! so...yeah i may need some help so...i'm asking you for some tips!!

love ya,