first period...

January 19 2006
this class is such a bore! i havent used this in forever... but oh well. my birthday is SUnday! just wanted to say hey. talk to everyone later.

first period...

January 19 2006

this weekend

September 05 2005
i stayed the night with jeremiah. us and his mom watched the notebook. she cried lol.
I LOVE THAT FREAKING MOVIE. i wish this was like the end of the year, but instead it is the start. blah. going to go eat dinner.


im so bored

August 27 2005
yep. i went and put in some applications. even though i dont have time to work right now. going to go out with a friend tonight. so if anyone wants to do something let me know!
right now i am just sitting here watching some mutan x lol.
got to go


August 03 2005
so we have been going to camp this week. it is so freaking hott outside. gowsh. we are going to go to eat later. yumm...
so glad that i do not have to work tonight. jeremiah is going to stay the night with me, and i think we are going to go swimming tomorrow.yeah yeah
well i got to go. love u guys


new at this

July 31 2005
well this is my first entry on this. just saying hey. me, t.j., haskins, and michael went and saw devils rejects today. that was a messed up movie, but good. then me and brittany went and had dinner tonight. i feel pregnant now blah. well jeremiah comes home tomorrow i am so excited. even though i have camp and then work but it is ok.
i will catch everyone later.