The Penguin

July 17 2006
hey everyone,

running on Gentoo Linux now, what a relief!

everything....WORKS...and fast (still have to make some adjustments both visual and functional), its stable, adeptable and funny in odd ways

Fedora Core....i busted it, i really destroyed it...
Gentoo, i hope u last, for i am mass murderer of software

Killed OS list:

Win 3.11
Win 9x
Win 2k
Win XP
Win XP Nlite
Suse 7 or 8
Fedora Core 5 (or something)

i hope im making sence to somebody here :P


May 31 2006
well, im back.

and in full glory :), its been some time because i was setting my comp up with a Windows XP Pro Nlite/Linux Fedora Core 5 multi boot.

it worked! and putting pix up on phusebox has never been easier. i still gotta climb up the lurning curve and put my lil conquest flag on top, but that will take some time. Learning a whole new OS is time consuming, finding all the buttons that will make my comp do what i want it to do.

in the meanwhile...ive found some great pix as u can see (uploaded them)


May 21 2006


May 17 2006
Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

URL of the test:
URL for more info:

Im quite the stable guy as u can see. the only thing is, i want confermation of this. everybody doubts him/herself, its part of being human. assurance on ones own ideas is a big help to ones confidence, wich is what human needs. one will always want to know the value of ones life "am i worth this life?", "where did i deserve this from? i didnt do anything bad". saying all that is just coincedence just isnt inough for people, they want answers. they want confedence, confedence only other people, labeling and paranoia can give them.

Grey Knights

April 20 2006
Tody i read out (or whatever its called) a book called Grey Knights by Ben Counter. i feel inspired, and that does not happen with ease. the whole book was a colletion of gore filled, gut ripping fighting in such detail. its sci fi set back makes the possebilities endless, it kept me on my toes what would happen next.

its back read:

HIGH SPEED ACTION and adventure with the elite Grey Knights as they struggle to banish the powerfull daemon Ghargatuloth before time runs out and the creature is free to rampage around the universe!

ive read Iron Warrior and Farseer as well, both in the detailed blood tearing style, both able to keep my mind in that universe for as long as i saw the letters.

Matrix fighting

April 18 2006
this is a vid with home made Matrix fighting...i think its funny


April 13 2006

this is soo funny.

(if you dont like the name of the male reproduction organ used extensively, dont listen to this)


April 12 2006
Ide like to share some sites with drawings/pictures. hope u like it!
(some links might be hard to get, plz try, there worth it (i think))

Normal: (has drawing program to download :D)

Anime: (some might contain Ecchi) (if anyone can get
there pictures plz remark me)

Any works are the property of there owners, these are just links to there work as a tribute.

anime pix

March 31 2006

ppl please share :D


March 27 2006

my new favorite game: Lineage 2 :P its beatiful and huge :P


March 03 2006
how to ask questions?


February 18 2006

my daddy was here :P


January 21 2006

photo from SATAN Jr

God fuck! I really like that kind of clothing!

but i would drop the white piece near the neck, I'm no priest


January 19 2006
Im a really big anime fan, my taste for anime goes in all directions.
a sample of what i like: :P

Kiddy Grade
Rurouni Kenshin
Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Alchemist
Neon Genisis Evangelion
Love Hina
Midori no Hibi
Dragon Half
Ichigo 100%
Bakuretsu Tenshi
Tenjo Tenge
Gundam Wing
Princess Mononoke
Puni Puni Poemy
Excel Saga
Azumanga Daioh

Im going to post pictures of most of them.