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hey if your new to the M'boro area

September 09 2005
Hey if your new to the M'boro area, a college group statrs at 7:30 on tues. nights at New Vision Bapist Church it's a great time of woship and fellowship since no one reads my site anyway hopefully people will read this one
If you are still in Highschool there is a great plcae for you too. The youth group meets on wed. night at 6:30
hope to see u at either one L8


September 01 2005
"Finish this church quote"

God is great all the time and...

Sometimes we may not feel this way. Hard to belive i know, but all kidding aside how can God be great if me and my g/f broke up, or i just lost my job, or i didnt pay my tuition in time, or i didnt get the teacher i wanted so im sure to fail. He is Great all the time. He sent his "Only Begotten Son" Jesus Christ the one and only. Im not perfect ... but Christ is ... and thats the reason one day i will leave my "Earth Suit" ( Brent Gambrell what a great guy) and go Home! Which means this will be gone ( im pointing at everthing in this room) if your sitting at your computer right now goin what is he spouting off about leave me a comment, i'll let u know we can go to lunch some day and and tell you alot of stuff. Heres something alot of people may not agree w/ Christ is coming soon look at the signs of the time, and from my personal testimony but hey thats me ( Lisa sorry i have to steal this from you) "Don't forget to let God bless your day" - and look out for them becasue they are there. L8

Here's Johnny

August 13 2005
Well Mertle beach was an eye opener ( sp) ? wow not ever 6 months out of school and i cant spell can ya believe that? Any way lets say people want the "old andy" back well you cant have him, no yet, because it is going to take a while for me to get back to the way i was. I made alot of bad decisions this summer, one i def. regret. But God has forgiven me and it's all up hill from here. Yes i know that Satan will be trying extra hard now that im tryin to go back to the " old andy". Thats were you guys come in ( crowd perticipation gotta love it) Just be prayin for me while im trying to come back

How a doin?

July 10 2005
Well this may come as a shock to everyone, but im not goin to go to bible college any more, idk its hard to explain like i just dont feel the passion for it anymore, like i dont have the drive to be a youth minister, it's like God changed my path. I have felt this way for prolly a lil over 2 months, i jsut havent said anything about it, like the way i feel right now is i want to become a police officer. To some of you that may sound wierd or strange. My father was a police officer, and ever since i was little i wanted to become a police officer. All of the police movies i've seen, "To protect and Serve" i would prolly go to draughns Jr. college in the fall of 06 to get educated in their police portion at the school. also thinking on something else u can go tomy xanga for that... well thats all 4 now L8R