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longest entry ever written by rachel aka chi chi.

August 13 2005
:same as xanga :
so, it has been a while since I last updated.
Well, band camp just ended, and we did a lot of stuff through all the sweat, heat, and everything else. I got to know some of the freshies. tehe. I love getting to say that now.
I liked this guy....but, guess wat.....he has a girlfriend now. Every time I like a guy, he always has to have a girlfriend. geez. I guess it wouldn't have worked out anyway.......
Omg. So I came home last night, and my insulin pump site thing was hurting so I looked at it, and it was really bruised, and I was like OMG WHAT IS WRONG. This has never happened before. So, I changed it out and when I took it off, it was like it had killed all the tissue around it...I don't know what happened, but it wasn't good....
Then, I wake up at 7 o'clock this morning because my bloodsugar was low (I guess that was a good thing) and I had a headache. So, I went back to bed. Then, wat wakes me up the next time??? The grass blower right outside my window. lovely. just lovely. So, I am up here telling ya'll about it. hehe.
So, this weekend, I have to buy a calculator, do my english reports, read spark notes, clean my room, and.......there's prolly more, but o well.
Well, that is about all that has happened. Well, maybe not, but I don't want to type about it. hehe. so I guess I'm gonna go. I love you.