February 02 2006

Sickening, huh?

Bo and I are having a Superbowl party on Sunday and I am super siked. I finally coaxed him into actually hanging pictures on the wall. There are several original paintings from family members and I just finished a painting of the two of us for his wedding present. People are REALLY hard to paint. I usually stick to landscapes and plants...that sort of thing.

  I have been reading a really neat mystery series written by Patricia Cornwell and I get easily scared. Well, I am on book 3 and I read while I am at work. At my work I am the receptionist and all of the other people in the office reside upstairs. I basically ward off any crazy looking people and artists that they aren't interested in.

   Yesterday I was happily reading when a tall skinny black man walks in and heads straight for the candy dish. He wouldnt tell me why he was there. He said that he wanted only to talk to me. ACK! He had to have been on drugs because I couldnt understand anything that he said and he kept asking me to lunch. Needless to say, he finally went away saying that he would come back. I locked the door and freaked the rest of the day.

   My boss doesnt care if I have the doors locked. He wants me to feel safe. This guy who named himself as Eric, was the second random non-music person to walk in yesterday. He was missing three fingers on his right hand.


February 03 2006
whoa really creepy stuff