i feel like dying...

June 17 2005
I would absolutely LOVE to dye my hair!! (i think i've had this convo with val & kat...) but im quite afraid of doing this for several reasons.

1) what if it turned out really badly?
2) i dont know how to do the at-home kind, u know.. the kind that'll WASH OUT...
3) i would have to get it professionally done... which means $$ i dont have.
4) i've never done this kinda thing before...
5) what if it really damages my hair?
6) its possible my mom MIGHT end my life.

i mean, i like my hair pretty well, u know? it isnt BAD hair. God coulda given me a better shade, but hey. u win some.. u lose some. But who am i to mess w/momma nature? "if it aint broke, dont fix it." (maybe i should apply this to other areas of my life?) but its SO BORING!!

i wish i could just be a rebel, and daring, and do what i want! throw caution to the wind!!

...but... what if i mess up my hair?


June 18 2005
yeah, I really cant tell anyone not to dye their hair because well, this past time I dyed it to match my prom dress! But yeah, just know once you start dying it. unless you get close to your natural color, you have to keep dying it! welp I love you... have a good day!!

Jane Woodard

June 18 2005
hee hee i get it you feel like dying your HAIR good one :)


June 18 2005
i'll help you do it if you wanna! i do my mommy's all the time! hope you are having a great summer! love you and thanks for agreeing that babysitters clubs are the best

Krista Anderson

June 19 2005
Do you mind me talking to you about this?

Brett Tenpenny

June 23 2005
i thihnk you should die it deep purple and green and bright pink.... and then, streak it black and red

Jane Woodard

June 24 2005
yes, photo shop :). and i didn't do it. sarah did, or else i would let you in on the little secret. ;)

Brett Tenpenny

June 24 2005
LOL... That comment wasent aimed toward you, but still, thank you.

Jordan Taylor

June 25 2005
lol do what makes you happy, if your mom gets mad...you can tell her i said it was ok :}


June 27 2005
dying it won't kill ya, my sis dyed her hair and she looks great!

Tyler H.

June 27 2005
if you mess up, ill shave it all off for you


June 28 2005
do it..... God made us naked..but obviously we decided it was on the embarrassing side. so we put clothes on. You put makeup on..I know I put it on too. My face is boring without it. You think ur hair is dull. So add a little somethin somethin in there. Mother nature wont be mad.