My Lovely Weekend :)

July 31 2005

Fri. night was DCI!! I had a blast. I got to see Dennis, and I hadn't gotten to see him in a LONG time.
Saturday, I worked, and then came the fun. :) lol I got to go to the mall!! I got 2 new bras from Victoria's Secret. (I

Jordan Taylor

July 31 2005
cool deal, see ya soon! {i better}


July 31 2005
oh i love Vicki-don't-tell!!


August 02 2005
VS bras = the best.

Jonathan Theriot

August 04 2005
Hey!! No. I quit that junk in may. I'm working at verizon right now. How've ya been?

Brett Tenpenny

August 06 2005
lol.. yes.. only i could phrase something that serious to be that amusing.