Whats My .... Major Again??

July 20 2005
Today is July 21st. Do you know what that means? In 1 month & 2 days, I will no longer be a residence of the home I have been living in since 4th grade, or the town that I've been claiming as my own since.. well... my whole life.

Im excited. I cant wait to be a college kid... on my own (to some degree of course lol). Im very excited... and I'm also nervous. I hope I can accomplish what I've set forward to accomplish b/c let's face it, I'm an outstanding procrastinator. I also dont like practicing my horn, and what's my major again lol? Music ed. :)

And as I am excited and nervous...Im very sad too. Im sad to be leaving behind all of you fine people. I'll miss my family (even my brother!) even though I do NOT like admitting it. I'll really miss this one kid.. he means a whole lot to me. I'll miss sooo much...

And that makes me afraid. :(

the seaweed is always greener
in somebody else's lake
you dream about going up there
but that is a big mistake
just look at the world around you
right here on the ocean floor
such wonderful things around you
what more is you looking for?


July 21 2005
Aw, you'll be fine, Rachel. I have faith in you.

adam kawano

July 21 2005
you will do great i know it

Katie Schneider

July 22 2005
I agree with those two^

Brett Tenpenny

July 22 2005
i dont think you will make it...

Rachel Tenpenny

July 22 2005
thanks, brett.

Jordan Taylor

July 23 2005
lol umm 4 words...YOU WILL DO GREAT!, no matter what happens, just go with the flow, life seems to work its self out.


July 25 2005
wow...you will do great in college!!


July 27 2005
you'll do fine..trust in yourself, God does


July 27 2005
I'm sure God trusts in Himself, because the whole omnipotence thing probably helps a lot. But Rachel's only mortal! How can she possibly survive the harsh jungles of academia when all she is is an intelligent, capable young woman who can do anything she sets her mind to? Gosh, you're so insensitive, Breadstick_Guy. Heh, I'm j/k. You'll be fine, Rachel. And I would definitely like to see those pictures, so you can email them to me if you'd like. Peace.


July 27 2005
i think you'll do great! new experiences should be welcomed with open arms!