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January 07 2006

1st started going out


..ok me and josh have been goin out for 2 months..weve changed soo much towards eachother...and like if you look at the pics you can maybe see it..its love..not fake..REAL TRUE love


January 08 2006
Hey baby, yeah baby I know it is ture love.. theres just something different about me and you that I love so much... and I'll never change towards you at all..I promise you... I love you with all my heart baby.. so much..and i like the black and white one..and this last one lol..sorry baby..well I LOVE YOU!! so much -the one-

Elisabeth Barber

January 08 2006
i love you darling!

Elisabeth Barber

January 08 2006
Royce. You going to Winterfest?

Elisabeth Barber

January 08 2006
remember that guy i wrote the note too on the napkin last year at W/F?


January 16 2006
awww i love the black and white one it i SO cute! love beth lots! manda bear*


January 20 2006
Hey baby, well I'll call you when I get home from school today..and have lots of fun lol..bye baby.. I love you so much!!


January 31 2006
hey ok im going to the game tonight but yeah im going home and taking a shower ok..i love you baby!


February 01 2006
I love beth tons!


February 19 2006
hey beth u need to take that last one off no1 cares bout that seriously not bein mean or nething but ya i just wanted to drop by and say hey so hey haha peace