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January 02 2006

the love of my friggin life..

ok y' and this guy from blackman..joshua walton...idk he just completes me....we fight alot not like ALL THE TIME but twice a week and it scares me..cause yeah...he is my 1ST relationship i know can work..soo yeah...its scary..buut i deal with it and i love him..soooo much

i love you josh


January 03 2006
thank you baby, you complete me in ways that I can not think possible.. your the love of my life.. and baby I'm going to marry you our senior year..I PROMISE! and baby were staying together forever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


January 04 2006
Hey baby,, well just leaving you one cuz yeah.. and yeah if i get caught i get in trouble.. well baby hope you have a great day and talk to you tonight. I love you!


January 05 2006
Hey baby, well I hope that your having a good day.. and yeah.. I'll call you tonight. and we can talk to you along long time.. i love you baby -the one-


January 06 2006
Hey baby, well yeah... that sucks.. Mr. Ecky is here...GOSH!! lol.. well baby I love you so much.. and I cant wait to see you tomorrow or maybe even you baby