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November 15 2005

LOL well this weekend was off the hook and yeah well by the way this is Josh updating for Beth because apparently she doesnt want to do it and yeah asked me too... well I'm at school right now just hangin with friends and not doing my work lol.. but yeah me and Beth had a great time this weekend just chilling with each other I went over to her house and she come over to mine and no we didnt do anything but watch movies and eat lol.. but yeah.. well Im out.. LOve you Beth and I'll call you tonight baby..PeaCe

-Josh updating for Bethy POO!!!


November 17 2005
Hey baby well you know I would tutor you and yeah it would deffiantly be fun and I hope that were able to do something this weekend and we could have some fun and i hope that Kirkland and Amber get hooked up that would be so funny.. lol ight well I'm out baby.. Love you -Josh-


November 21 2005
Hey baby, well i had an awsome weekend and yeah well Im going to get you a bear for our one month anerversery .. and i hope were going to have fun and maybe i could go to Oak Ridge lol and yeah baby I think you need to update cuz yeha yeah... ight im out.. call me when you get out of choir... Love You Baby!!!!! -Josh-


November 21 2005
hey its 3rd period im bored as hell sup


November 25 2005
i love beth more than icecream!