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November 09 2005

hey nerds! im finally updatin!!!lol soo yeah life is pretty much going good!!!lol got an amzing boyfriend! and my team is in playoffs and i dont have 5th or 6th prd today cause of a play!!lol but yeah gotta go get pretty!!i love you baby!



November 09 2005
Hey baby well yeah your an amazing girlfriend and im never letting you go and i promise you that.. your lucky you have a play.. i have to give a speech in a few minutes fun fun.. well I got to go.. LOVE YOU BABY -Josh-


November 10 2005
Hey baby well Im sorry I didnt call you this morning because my alarm didnt work and idk why yall... Well i got to go baby.. LOve you baby. -Josh-


November 11 2005
Hey baby, well sorry i didnt call you this morning my clock broke and yeah..and by the way I can come over to your house.. YES!!! Im so happy baby.. ok well I got to go.. I love you baby.. -Josh-


November 14 2005
hey hey hey whats up well just sayin hey by


November 14 2005
hey i love you beth!