so pretty much......yeah

May 13 2006
so years what i've been thinking lately. High school sophmore year is almost over. which means most of it's drama is over too. All i want for the summer is one thing  UNITY. i want unity between my family, my friends, and my mind! life is absolutely crazy.

i know i'm a loser...but im a cool loser....

February 14 2006
so here it is....

all a's and an f that's right i said an f

now i know last year that's like all i made and i was amped if i made a c but this year it's different, i feel like i got my life on track this year i feel a LOT different this year. It's something new something good. My friends couldn't be more amazing and although i've lost some of the closest people too me, i've gained some of them back ( sorta) and others are just lost. dance is amazing... there's no other way to put's awesome i feel like i get a lot of the stuff. Hopefully after this summer working really hard i will be ready for some other stuff too. I'm pretty excited. well yeah so today is valentines day. somebody asked me to be his valentine and yeah ...i said no. i dunno if i'm just extra emotional today or what but lots of things got to me today like failing a class.... that one. i only have a 3.066666777 so it's not like i can afford to have grades like that. I dunno my teacher is kinda on acid. anybody got her? well i'm sorry. she's a raging physco. i mean...what? lol ok well i g2g do alot of stuff b4 tomorrow but i will talk to you all later i guess....

boo on stupid but so aweome phone...yeah i contridicted so what about it

January 30 2006
i found out today that my phone doesn't have a thingy to attach to the computer so i cant share my pictures i'm extremely sad


October 29 2005

life is changing incredibly quickly good or bad who knows

the thing that once was ever so sweet is now not some how

i know that i said i wouldn't feel this way but did you really imagine

one day i'll fly away

leave all this to yesterday

why live life from dream to dream

how wonderful life is now your in the world.....


August 11 2005
theres a dress down there what do you think of it?

oh my gah

July 25 2005
i'm so over it...people are so stupid...this whole thing is dunzo. ugh.

people are stupid

July 22 2005
people are stupid


June 28 2005
i'm moving to mboro...sweet ameba

needs a name

June 09 2005
help me pick out a name for that car down there it will be mine in a few months!


June 04 2005
and then there was the 1st entry...

it's been an interesting day....interestingly good Dance Starts Monday...ohh i have two of these things...and i only want this one so dont even go to the other one cuz i'm not gonna do anything with it. I like this one a lot better than that other one...ohh and for all the people who like to judge to ppl on 1st impressions...just to let you know ppl might not like me after this statment but it is a totally true statement...

Barbie is awesome.

well have a good day!