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I love just about anything rock, metal, punk, country, rap...My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Run, Cold, Default, Deftones, Disturbed, Blink 182, Maroon 5, Seal, Fuel, Alterbridge, Korn, Silvertide, The Prodigy, Goo Goo Dolls, Depeche Mode, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Nirvana, The Crystal Method, Black Lab, Thrice, Omnisoul, All American Rejects, Slipknot, Queen, Def Leppard, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, Black Label Society, Elvis, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire, Cool and the Gang, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Brooks and Dunn, Enya, Tim McGraw, Big and Rich, Foreigner, Kanye West, Usher, Nelly, Beastie Boys, Shinedown, Incubus, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Crossfade, Alabama, Offspring, Theory of a Dead Man, Weezer, Sevendust, Revelation Theory, Hoobastank, Adema, Static X, KMFDM, Moby, Hurt, Live, LA Guns, Steriophonics, Trace Atkins, House of Pain, Velvet Revolver, Stevie Wonder, Fine Young Cannibals, Rob Thomas, Rob Zombie, Marty Casey and the Love Hammers, Casey and the Sunshine Band, the BeeGees, Lloyd Banks, Fountains of Wayne, CKY, Taproot, Creed, Chevelle, Collective Soul, The Who, Tantric, RZA, Shania Twain, Fall Out Boy, Dark New Day, Ohio Players, Filter, Stone Sour, Staind, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Story of the Year, Kid Rock, Smile Empty Soul, Steppen Wolf, Whitney Houston, Prince, the Spencer Davis Group, A Perfect Circle, Hawthorne Heights, Gavin DeGraw, Bush, Train, Our Lady Peace, Saliva, Chris Cagle, Lifehouse, Simple Plan, Black Eyed Peas, D.H.T., Three Doors Down, Course of Nature, Seether, P.O.D., the Calling, Revis, Bare Naked Ladies, Alien Ant Farm, Charlie Daniels, Evanescence, 12 Stones, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, the Beach Boys, MC Hammer, Outkast, Switchfoot, Gretchen Wilson, Aerosmith, Coolio, George Strait, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Guns N Roses, the Hives, Kenny Chesney, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, Puddle of Mudd, Ram Jam, Ray Charles, War, Savage Garden, Toby Keith, Trisha Yearwood, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, Strata, Finger 11, Submersed, Full Blown Rose, Missy Elliot, Ciara, Pussycat Dolls, Click 5, Coldplay, Eve 6, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, LeAnn Rimes, Trapt, Damageplan, Hatebreed, Seven Wiser, Trust Company, Yellowcard, Blake Shelton, Phil Collins, Wynonna Judd, Martina McBride, Thelma Houston, Sister Sledge, Benny Mardous, Breaking Point, Rolling Stones, Keith Whitley, No Doubt, Hinder, Korman Greenbaum, Promise, Buckcherry, the Hollies, Public Enemy, D12, Methods of Mayhem, John Fogerty, John Lee Hooker, Ludacris, etc.

Favorite Movies

I love action, comedy and horror. Sometimes I'll watch a chic flick... But my favorite movie is probably Jaws, just because..."I think you're gonna need a bigger boat." lol I've lost my mind.... I also love Jaws 2, Ghost, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, The Bodyguard, Star Wars(yes I said it), Deep Blue Sea, Predator and Predator 2, AVP, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Hot Shots, Hot Shots: Part Deux, Airplane!, Top Gun, Far and Away, Spiderman 1 and 2, X-Men 1&2, Titanic(I cannot believe I like this movie, blame Germani), Barbershop 1 and 2, Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire, Speed, Terminator 1 and 2, the Batman Begins, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, The Mask of Zorro, The Italian Job, The ORIGINAL Pink Panther, Gone with the Wind, Seven, The Dirty Dozen, Sleepy Hollow, Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengence, Blazing Saddles, Double Jeopardy, True Lies, Shanghi Knights, Shanghi Noon, Fugitive, US Marshalls, Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Charlies Angels 1and 2, the Scream Trilogy, Halloween 1 & 2, H20, Halloween Resurrection, Friday 13, Jason X, Pirates of the Carribean, The Grudge, the Blade trilogy, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fokers, The Blues Brothers, The Ghost and the Darkness, Space Balls, The Longest Yard, Oceans Eleven, Animal House, Caddyshack, The Bad News Bears, Assault on Precinct 13, Daredevil, Elektra, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Troy, Thelma and Louise, Basic, McClintock, Big Jake, Tombstone, Naked Gun, Ace Ventura, Beverly Hills Cop, Kindergarden Cop, Home Alone, K-9, Scary Movie trilogy, Pearl Harbor, Turner and Hooch, Forest Gump, Sahara, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, A Time to Kill, Con Air, Coming to America, After the Sunset, SWAT, the Waterboy, Remember the Titans, 48 Hours, Trading Places, Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja, Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies, Failure to Launch, the Family Stone, King Kong, Rumor Has It, the Cowboys, Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter films, Miss Congeniality, Down to Earth, Tomb Raider 1&2, Rush Hour 1&2, Bad Company, Undercover Brother, Mr.Deeds, MIB 1&2, Master of Disguise, Sweet Home Alabama, Analyze This, Analyze That, Two Weeks Notice, Down with Love, Hollywood Homicide, Bad Boys, Open Range, Honeymoon in Vegas, Face Off, the Rundown, Taking Lives, Mean Girls, Van Helsing, Underworld, Shrek 1&2, Garfield, Stepford Wives, Brokenarrow, Under Siege 2, Courage Under Fire, Identity, Dirty Harry, Sudden Impact, the Enforcer, The Mummy, the Mummy Returns, George of the Jungle, Anaconda, Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid, Pretty Woman, Angrier Old Men, Heat, Cruel Intentions, Sin City, Hostage, Wedding Crashers, Christmas Vacation, Punisher, Fantastic 4, Cellular, House of Wax, Entrapment, Mulan, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, the Negotiator, The Notebook, Indiana Jones, Walking Tall, the 5th Element, Dukes of Hazard, Hackers, Days of Thunder, Perfect Storm, Hocus Pocus, Sandlot, Little Giants, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Momma's House, Blue Streak, Serenity, Fast and the Furious, the Hurricane, Blood Sport, Universal Soldier, Kickboxer, Uncle Buck, Quick and the Dead, Monster in Law, 50 First Dates, Legally Blonde, Tuck Everlasting, Homeward Bound, Honey I Shrunk Kids!, 12 Angry Men, Kiss the Girls, High Crimes, the Man, Dangerous Minds, High School High, Tremors 1&2, Joe's Apartment, Mrs.Doubtfire, the Birdcage, Mortal Kombat, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Lethal Weapon 4, etc.

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The Never Ending Ex-Boyfriend Saga:Part Deux

November 06 2006

Well, this day has sure been interesting....I stayed up really late last night studying for my Biology Test today and I got up like as soon as my alarm clock went off....at 6:00 am!!! That's never good. Of course I kinda had no problem getting up b/c I hardly slept at all and when I did I had some weird dream that I barely remember, but it was REALLY weird....It must have been 4m staying up late and that episode of Desperate Housewives that I watched last night....Ohmigod, I cannot believe what happened!!!! lol But anyway, I got up, took a shower and got ready and when I was brushing my teeth I just got this really sick feeling, like when you stick your toothbrush too far down your throat? Well, I finished brushing my teeth but I still had that sick feeling and a few seconds later....well, use your imagination...thank god I was still standing at the sink! Well, I still went to school and took my test, which I think I did ok on and when we get done we can just leave, so I did and I walked to the library to just hang out on the computers untill my next class. Well, right as I reach the doors to the library, guess who's standing there? My ex is standing there smiling that smile that makes me go nuts, I want to kill him/kiss him all at the same time. Well, he'd already seen me so I couldn't just walk on by, so I walked over and talked to him then a friend of his came by and they talked then he looks over at the doors and says "Hey, baby doll." to this girl....his girlfriend.....Well, my stomach just said "F*#k this!", I was surprised I was still able to stand up. I mean, I know he and I aren't together or anything but it really messes me up when I see him w/another girl. So, I just kinda stood there not really looking at them anymore...I was pretending to be interested in what his friend was saying....Well, when his friend said he had to go, I was not about to be stuck there w/him and his girlfriend all up on eachother so I said I needed to get going too. I said bye and he said "Bye, Rachel." Two simple words...just him saying my name and I just about fall over. I'm so lame, I know... My stomach is just going crazy right now! Why do I have to see him on a day when I've already been sick and I'm sure I look like shit? But I'd actually be happier if I didn't see him at all...I really need to find a new boyfriend b/c I'm getting really tired of feeling this way about HIM. Yes, he will be referred to as a pronoun now, not a person. lol Sorry about talking about the never ending ex-boyfriend saga again, it actually helps me to talk about it. I really feel better now, even my stomach feels better. ^_^ lol Smiley face!


November 02 2006

Hello there Phusers! I'm in a pretty good mood today....with the exception of a few things, but first lets go over the good stuff! Last friday I went out to dinner with my best friend that I hadn't seen in over 2 years and it was amazing!!!! It was like we hadn't missed anything, we ended up talking for like 4 hours and just wandering around the mall and hanging out eating ice cream. It was the most fun I've had in a long time! I am so happy that I got to see her, it's amazing how close she and I are even now. We were finishing eachothers sentences and telling eachother stuff that we wouldn't tell anyone else ever....I never realized how much I missed being so close to someone like that.(Tears streaming down face) Ok, that was the good part! lol Now for the not so good...as I was driving home I got pulled over for the first time ever!!! I was so nervous but I actually stayed calm and he just let me go home with a warning. I was so relieved!!! Oh and now to the ever present guy troubles....I of course told my best friend about the continuing saga with my ex-boyfriend(who apparently does not know how to operate a phone). But what made the night even better was the fact that she and I were getting checked out by some cute guys at the mall!!! I know I'm relapsing into a 16 year old right now but I don't care!!!! lol It was so great to have a guy look at me with that "DAMN!!!" look on his face, now if only he would have asked for my # or something...Why is it that guys give you this "You're the hottest thing on the face of the planet" look but don't even say hi or try to get your name or something? I'm so tired of shy guys! I want a guy to just say "hey you're hot and I'd like to get your #" I would be so happy I might even do it even if he was just ok looking! lol I know I'm terrible.....Well, I'm hungry....So in the words of Dane Cook..."Let's Have Some Yum-Yum's!!!!" lol


September 26 2006

Okay...I AM SO SICK OF SCHOOL!!!! Why did I agree to give up 4 more years of my life right after spending every year since I was 5 in school?!! College sucks...no just certain classes, mainly because of the dumbass professors! For example, my music professor gives us the stupidest lectures ever and also expects us to go to two concerts b4 fall break(which is like 3 or 4 days, 2 of which are Saturday and Sunday). What the hell is that?!! I feel so much better now...lol Hopefully I'll be struck by inspiration to write a good blog soon about something other than crappy college stuff. I'm hungry...lol wow that was random...I'm gonna' go now...

I'm Back Baby!!!!

September 25 2006

Hello there people of the Phusebox! For those of you who don't remember/know me, I am the great and powerful Pepperjack!!!! lol But you can call me Rachel...I've been offline for awhile over the summer and now I'm in college and I actually have time to write again. I don't have a cool topic or just some random frustration to write about so I'm just going to jabber on until I get bored or something good pops up.....Well, college is good...but whoever came up w/the idea of making people sit in a damn lab for 3 HOURS needs to be shot in the forehead RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! After my morning classes which are good, I have to leave to eat lunch, THEN come back and sit in a Biology lab for 2 hours and 45 min. (approximately 3 hours)...it is so boring even with something to do, you feel like you're never going to get out of there, AND you feel like you've accomplished NOTHING!!! God, I miss 55 minute classes...that was the best part of high school. So anyway that was my college rant....What else to say???Oh yeah....If Justin or Brigette are reading this you'd better message me soon...or my sanity will be dangerously close to being gone...oops, to late....lol Just write me back soon or I will curse you with cancer of the eye and the anus....Anus, what a funny word...lol So with that, I take my leave.

What part of we're over did you not understand?

April 18 2006

Well, my weekend was pretty good...with a few exceptions...I spent about three hours at my mom's office typing TWO papers due on Monday! But that wasn't the worst part...the day before that, Friday, I was walking my dog on my street and a car full of guys honked at me, then a guy in a truck whistled at me..now normally that would flatter me, but this guy was the most redneck man I've ever seen! If you've seen House of Wax, imagine the guy who takes the roadkill to the pit...that's what he looked like. Well, here's the worst part...I went to see Scary Movie 4 on Friday with my friend Justin, the movie was pretty good, Justin was nice(as always)....but none of that was the problem...the next day I'm leaving to type my papers, when the phone rings...I answer it, a guy whose voice I don't recognize says hello. I ask who it is, he says " who do you think", now I know who it is, I say "oh God.." he laughs and says "I'm hurt you don't remember me". One guess who it was...my ex-boyfriend. I tell him I can't talk because I gotta go type my papers, he asks "were you at the movies last night?", I say "yes", he asks "were you in Scary Movie 4?", I say "yes", he says "I saw you" He then went on to ask stuff like if I saw him and his friends there and I told him I didn't, which was true. Then I told him I really had to leave now, and he was like "Call me later" and I said I would, just to get him off the phone, then he says "Even though you probably won't" and I said "You're right, I probably won't. Bye." Then I hung up. Now that might seem harsh...but he does deserve it. This is the same guy who would call me everynight..WHEN HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!!! You don't do that! And of course I liked him, so I told him that I did, he says he feels the same...then the next day he tells me he likes me...he just doesn't want to go out with me...SAY WHAT?!? What the hell? I could go into the very sordid details of our VERY rocky relationship...but I think that phusebox would crash if I did...But anyway...you might be calling me a bitch right about now...but I don't care...he deserves it.


April 03 2006

My friend Justin just told me the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.....Okay, this is David  Boreanaz, you might know him from Angel, Buffy, or Bones. Well, Justin is very tall, so is Mr. Boreanaz. They both have spiky hair and they kinda have the same bone structure in their faces...but anyway...he said that some girl stopped him in the hallway, looked up at him and said "Angel?You look like Angel!" He was just like "okay..." he then turned and ran into a classroom.When he told me this, I turned in my chair, practically having a seizure laughing. Well, I just had to write this simply because he told it to me, you may not find this funny, but I do...so there!

Guns don't kill people, Tom Cruise does

March 24 2006

Okay Phusers...It's time for me to get on my soapbox and as usual, that means someone is gonna get burned...Well, Tom today's your day!! I read an article for my current events assignment and in it a 28 year-old schizophrenic stabbed his mother to death. Now you might be thinking "What the hell does that have to do with Tom Cruise?" Well, I'm going to tell you..The 28-year-old was a scientologist and he was told to take vitamins instead of getting psychiatric therapy by the church....well, he stabbed his mother to death.Now why would the church tell him to take vitamins? Because they believe that modern psychiatric medicine is the plot of an ancient alien race to drug and enslave humanity. Well, now that I know that...WHAT THE HELL?!!?? How about this, Tom you and your church leave the psychiatric diagnosis to professionals not actors who don't know crap about that kind of stuff?


March 20 2006

Ohhhh...pretty fire....But anyway...HELLO PHUSERS!!! I am HAPPY today! I don't know why exactly...but I am!! Yay! I guess it's cause I get to see one of my favorite actors(even though I have a lot of them) back on his show tonight! But I'd be a lot happier if 102.9's website would let me look up the songs I want to find....GRRRR....But no I'm going to be happy today..even if it kills me...(gulp) Maybe those weren't the best words to use...lol Just kiddin'...What else to write....I am happy because my friend Justin-the Hawaiian Batman bought me the Queen of the Damned dvd!!!! I've seen it a lot before, but now it's mine! I am so happy! Normally I would've just bought it myself, but my mom and my brother are always on my ass about stuff like that. They think that just because I watch a vampire movie I'm gonna' "become gothic/devil worshipper/spawn of satan(maybe that was a little much)". I wish they would just let me be, I'm almost 18 and they still pull that crap.What bugs me the most is the double standard...my brother sees a movie with topless girls and sex scenes out the whazoo...I see a movie with no nudity at all and I'm the one who they worry about? But anyway..I am happy with my new dvd! Thank you Justin!


March 17 2006

Ryan Reynolds....He is the most amazing man ever!!!! He's funny, hot, and any guy who can look as good as he did in both Blade:Trinity and Amityville Horror(even though I didn't like that movie) has won me over! But anyway...I LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS!!!! Okay, I feel better now....I can't believe he's going to marry Alanis Morriset! She's so old and she's just not pretty anymore...I'm sorry but after that whole unitard thing...I was just scarred for life by that....But that's okay...she must have some kind of personality to get a guy like him...Well, I'll stop writing now because Brandi wants me to stop...I'm gonna' go cry now...(sobbing uncontrollably) 


March 15 2006


My blood boils,

I see red,

images of violence fill my head.

I want to scream,

I want to fight,

I want to dream,

but not tonight.

I break down in rage,

and cry,

I feel I'm in a cage,

I smile and I lie.

The monsters laugh and joke,

with sharp claws they prod and poke.

They tear open my chest,

rip out my beating heart,

I fail their test,

and am torn apart.

They devour my happiness,

my thoughts, my life.

All around me is darkness,

I give in to discord and strife.

Rage, rage, rage,

I no longer see the light,

I am eternally in this cage,

I am lost in endless night.


March 15 2006

Okay, I know the picture is kind of blurry, but I like it anyway...great actress, great movie. But anyway..yesterday was fun...yeah, right. Okay, let's get to the rat killing...lol that's a great saying straight 4m John Wayne. Anyway, my day was all right until about 5th period, when a friend of mine's boyfriend kicked her chair against mine and I went to get up and RRRRRRRRIIIPPPPPPPP!!!!! Five long strands of my hair were between the chair and the desk...So needless to say I was a little peeved(if you know me, you know that I'm OCD about my hair) Well, I go to 6th period and we're reading a stupid play by Tennessee Williams, so that's already depressing..well, the teacher leaves to go make some copies and then...the stupid freshmen and sophmores in the class then proceed to talk and make fun of the people reading. I also had a major migraine and I felt like I was about to throw up so I was just not in the mood for dumb ass kids to be acting stupid just because they can. Well, the teacher eventually gets back to the room and they act like they were actually paying attention..I REALLY DON'T LIKE FRESHMEN AND SOPHMORES!!!! So... bad day, yet again. God, can I get just one bland/normal/maybe good day?


March 14 2006
Hello there people...aw crap, I can't remember what I was gonna write in here! Damn you ADD! Oh shiny object...Oh hi! lol I guess I can just vent my frustration untill I remember what I was gonna say... Well, yesterday I got my cell phone bill and I had run up a BIG FAT WHOPPING $2.00 in charges for texting! And get this... my mom got pissed over that! $2.00! Ohmigod! What the hell is that!? So, I told here I would pay her the $2.00 if she would just shut up about it and she told me this and I quote "If you keep giving me attitude I will make you pay it!" Wow... a whopping $2.00, should I start a payment plan? There's a good chance I'll have it paid off by oh, ten minutes 4m now...GRRRRRRR.... She just makes me so mad acting like I'm such a bad child, that's such B.S. Oh, now I remember!!! I just heard that Chef is leaving South Park! The guy who plays him is a Sciencetologist and because South Park is doing an episode making fun of Tom Cruise and that religion that I can't spell... But nooooo! Isacc Hayes is leaving South Park...he can't do that he's Chef...(sobbing uncontrollably) Well, bye!


March 13 2006

Hmmmm...he's so pretty... okay, I'm coherent again. So...hello there people! Breathe Justin, breathe...it's okay Hawaiian Batman.(We just told him about last nights Grey's Anatomy) But anyway... so I hope today will be better than last week... Well, the bell just rang... Bye! Justin needs to make a phusebox!

Scary Movies

March 03 2006

Why is it that almost all the "scary" movies lately are just not scary? Some of them are just outright funny. For example, Freddy vs. Jason, a film which had the potential to be a great scary movie. But instead it became a tragic non-horror film, I laughed most of the film, when I wasn't grossed out. Just throwing around buckets of blood and guts does not constitute a horror film. Yes, it helps, but it doesn't make it a horror film. When Freddy was throwing around Jason like a pin-ball and there actually was the sound effect of that going on I was falling out laughing. What was even more tragic was the ending they left it open for yet another crap-fest. Another film I was very disappointed with was Cry Wolf. It had all the makings of a good horror/suspense movie. Everyone was a good liar, making it easy for everyone to be suspicious of eachother. The teens tempted fate by making up a serial killer, etc. But they ruined it by too much misdirection. We never know who the killer is and the killer is always revealed to be one of the teenagers we know so the fear is gone. My biggest disappointment was there were only two kills...THAT IS NOT A HORROR FILM!!!!! Two kills can happen in a chic-flick! So if anyone is a sad as I am at the state of the horror industry, please write back so we can vent our disgust. Or just write back to tell me how wrong I am.