4 days

April 30 2006
 in just four days, my first year of college will be over! sweet summer will be here! YAY!

Fantasia is da bomb

December 16 2005

can i get a amen??? goodness she is such a good singer. her whole cd is amazing. well let's see. life is going really well. I love LIFE. Hey and I now I'm loving MTSU since we get a month long break. HECK YEAHHHHH. In your face! High Schoolers!! i'm just kidding. anywayz yeah life is good. school is over. spring is looking promising. christmas is gonna be da best. fresh price at 3 am is soo  much funnier. lol. aight everybody have a great day!

"I believe in the impossible, if i look deep in my heart... becuz anything is possible when you believe" - Fantasia

if you had

November 27 2005
If you had one wish what would it be????
if i had one wish..... we would be best friends, love will never end. it would just begin, you would be my boo, promise to love you, trust me, i;ll trust you, if i had one wish, we would run away...........................