West Side Story "Oscars" today!

May 12 2006

only 9 awards! i wonder who will win

my last full day of high school...

"It's on my lips.
It's in my dreams.
It's a story told by two.
You say you want to be happy.
You've already been so many times.
What do you want?
What's lacking?
Where will you turn?"
-Ayu (Boys & Girls)


May 10 2006

Well, itz over...

our West Side Story run is over...

but there wasn't any big mistake in the last show last nite (like a King missing his boat or something lol)

the cast went to IHOP last nite. which was pretty nice... now i'm exhausted cuz i didn't get to bed til like 1am but it was worth it.

West Side Story Oscars Friday 5th period. excitement! ^^

"Good-bye, you never fade in my memory
I didn't even say good-bye to you clearly
It's over"
-Ayu (Over)


May 08 2006



May 03 2006

I still don't have my pictures from prom. sorry.


WEST SIDE STORY opens (tomorrow) Thursday May 4th - 9th @ 7pm and May 7th @ 3pm



April 30 2006



I love Brady and Jackie.

We met at Jackie's to take pictures.       We had dinner at the Aquarium at Opry Mills.

Then we went to prom.     Everyone was gorgeous and hot and danced amazingly. Twas fun. But why didn't they play "Check Up On It"???? >.< (LOVE THAT SONG LOL)

Party After Prom was no where near as fun as i though it'd be. but i had a lil fun. tho i didn't win anything... I was sooooo happy when Brady won a video Ipod! ^^ now we can watch the Lestat commercial all the time! ^^

then we went to Brady's and watched some Anastasia and ate some cinnomon buns ^^ yum!

I'll post pictures REALLY soon!

P.S. I love my hair


April 29 2006

i got my nails done yesterday. We had WSS rehearsal. goin to get my hair done @ 1. still don't have a purse/clutch-thingy lol

"It's easy to get a beautiful moment, but
you already know
that you can't get beautiful things
just by being beautiful yourself.
What journey will you make in your limited time?"
-Ayu (Beautiful Day)

so tired...

April 22 2006

here she is: my prom dress
itz very simple but pretty and hey, it was only $30! ^^

leave a comment on ur thoughts!


April 22 2006

i'm so sore and tired. yesterday's rehearsal was exhausting and then i didn't sleep well last nite... and then rehearsal today was pretty tiring... and my whole body feels so tight... my mouth, my neck, my arms, and legs and everything! >.<

Who wants to go see The Wizard of Oz tonite?

"The morning glow is dazzling.
It pierces my eyes.
My breast hurts.
I was a little confused."
-Ayu (Boys & Girls)


April 21 2006

i just watched Officer Krupkee in Japanese.

WSS rehearsal was the hardest one ever. *knock on wood*

ppl better appreciate America when they come see the show cuz we put everything we had into that song >.< *sigh*

"I couldn't leave at all, because
there's scenery I've gotten so used to seeing.

Even if I come here again some time
I'll see the same sky in the same way
Maybe I thought too much
about whether or not you could call it beautiful.
After a little sleep let's hurry again tomorrow.

I'm afraid. The steps I can't take
pile up, and turn into a long, long
path untraveled; I'm too late.
During that time, I started thinking that
somehow maybe even this place isn't so bad.
I kept giving myself reasons.

In reality, since as long as I haven't understood even once,
I've been pretending to understand everything.

I couldn't leave at all, because
there's scenery I've gotten used to seeing.

Somehow everything seems small, and
what I thought was a small lump was
the sky I look up at that has no end.
Maybe because it's too wide.
Maybe because I was next to you.

I wanted to understand it with my head, but
I envy looking back at
someone, somewhere that I missed.

I'll forever be demanding something that isn't there.
I've been thinking like that since I met you.

It's all in this hand for sure.
I mustn't leave my dreams here.
It's all in this hand for sure.
I don't need a predetermined future.

It's all in this hand for sure.
If it doesn't move, I can't move it, but
It's all in this hand for sure.
If I don't start it, it never will."
-Ayu (Fly High)


I got my prom dress.

April 20 2006

"suddenly the world seems such a perfect place"
-Come What May

"When you see someone worse off than you
you feel a little relieved.
When you see someone happier than you
you quickly become impatient.

But sometimes you
realize just how pitiful you are
and you crash into reality.

What should I think?
What should I say?
You're probably the
first person who has
tried to understand me.

It must be impossible to live
without hurting anyone.

If you think you're such a victim,
then you should act out until the end
this pretense of not caring about losing everything.

What do you wish for tomorrow?
Sometime please tell me if you
think you can get through this
interminable night that continues
in darkness.

What should I think?
What should I say?
I don't even know if you understand
that I'm praised,
that I'm envied.

What should I think?
What should I say?
You're probably the only
one who really
understands me."
-Ayu (End of the World)


April 20 2006

"in America I'll reconstruct my dreams!"- Lestat

i am so tired.... my eyes hurt from crying last nite... it sux when reality comes at you in all forms starting with a jerky remark from someone you thought was your friend but you realize he's just an aquaintence...

"Why am I so powerless and stupid?"
-Ayu (criminal)


April 19 2006

"Again, I'm afraid of
something small and insignificant.
In trying to hide that fear
I'm showing my habit of feigning strength.

You come up next to me
and talk about nonsense.
You're trying, despite your
clumsiness, to encourage me.

This must be how
it'll be for us.

*Looking up and smiling slightly,
gazing at the sky,
tiring of running we walk a little.
Just like that... are you ready?

One by one, little by little, see?
We leave behind footprints.
They form one path,
they form now.

It can't be only
good times ahead, but...

It seems like I need you
and if you need me
then we don't really need a reason.
These days aren't bad at all, are they?


It seems like I need you
and if you need me
then we don't really need a reason.
These days aren't bad at all, are they?"
-Ayu (independent)


April 18 2006

How much do i love Lestat? so much

Hugh Panaro is my hero.


WSS rehearsal tonite and tomorrow and Friday and Saturday  *sigh* letz get it together, ppl...


April 18 2006

"A stranger asks me with interest
How do I see the scenery from here?
I answer
It's just as you think it would be

For it's no use explaining it

everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
I go my way
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
Humming a song
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
If it makes no difference whether I may cry or smile
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
I smile

I prepare an expected answer

What's the use of saying it?

(everybody GO! everybody JUMP!)

everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
You can fly higher
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
Because you have wings
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
You don't have to be afraid
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
I'm just the same

What I adore is
Commonplace scenery
Even if it's not understood by anyone
Please don't deny
That this is my wish

everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!"
-Ayu (Humming 7/4)


April 17 2006

"Spread your arms wide.
Let's clap our hands and walk together.
When you start running
come here and we'll begin together.

I don't particularly feel like
walking in front of anyone.
But I don't feel like walking
behind anyone either.

If one of you yells "YES!"
Then I'll get in line and
yell "YES!" as well.

Spread your arms wide.
Let's clap our hands and walk together.
When you start running
come here and we'll begin together.
You are my pride.

In these seemingly worthless days
there is hidden a trick to being happy.
It was made for
everyone to share.

It's ok if
you don't win.
If that happens then
let's lose together.

Spread your arms wide.
Let's clap our hands and walk together.
I can year your voices.
Nothing seems scary.
I'm not alone any more.

Spread your arms wide.
Let's clap our hands and walk together.

Spread your arms wide.
Let's clap our hands and walk together.
When you start running
come here and we'll begin together.
You are my pride."



April 16 2006


Great Easter today ^^

Will was baptised this morning at church. and this time he understands! ^^
"the youth and I went to Camino Real and I got saved and I understand now," he says. Gotta love that boy ^^

We went to my Aunt Judy's for a family Easter lunch. which was amazing of course! Broccoli and Cheese casserole is my love! lol and i got to see my FAVORITE relative (and prolly one of my favorite people on this planet): Uncle Steve!

he's my mom's only full sibling (she has 2 half sisters)

he is SOOOOOO FUNNY and affectionate (like me) i can't even explain how much i love him >.<

look how big Bosly's nostrals are!!! they're HUGE >.< lol

i am sooooo tired! i dunno why *shrugs*  but i'm almost dreading going to school tomorrow. i wish we could spend all day working on WSS lol but there's English and Economics and all those other "important" subjects lol o well...

my fellow choir kids, let us rock on in WSS this week!

"It's always so simple I could cry, but I want to smile.
If I become stronger I'll forget even your kindness, so I want to stay weak.
I want your love."
-Ayu (poker face)


April 15 2006

went shoppin with my mom.

the search for a prom dress continues >.<

i really like Asian stuff.                     and cute Asian boys ^^


"Little by little the warmth you left me with is going out
If it's gone completely, what will my body mean?"
-Ayu (GAME)


April 14 2006

so, i had an awesome Bible study with Debi and Rae this morning. i learned alot about Debi, Rae, myself, and God. Twas lovely.

Then Rae and I went shopping. We saw Elizabeth and her sisters which was great ^^

i had lunch at Rae's and then i went home

my mom and i went to Woodbury to look for dresses and pay for my cousin's tombstone

our car almost broke down on the way home

i went and saw Scary Movie 4 w/ Rae, Brady, Jackie, Linda, and Amanda.

do not go see SM4. rent it if u must but don't pay $7.50 for an hour of comedy you mostly saw in the commercials.

i love my mom.

"Move me
With all your might"


April 13 2006

Good Friday rox! Thank you, God. You just keep on givin!

"I said to myself "I'm OK"
And showed my usual smile
I didn't feel in desperation
But in a kind of defiance"
-Ayu [(miss) understood]

Ayu rocks my face off!

April 11 2006

well... i'm still sick... and it sux...

but i have a voice lesson today! w00t! ^^

no, i'm not getting this dress...  itz just a dress that Rae liked alot...

i'm still on the search for a prom dress... i miss the dress i saw at Hickory Hollow mall.... -_- i liked that dress...

"Will I be inhuman?
Will I be invisible to everyone?
I find nothing I want in a place like this
Which I escaped and tumbled into
I rip my feelings off my heart
And stick a smile on the mask
Please take me away from here
Before everything becomes a memory"
-Ayu (Happy Ending)