No dice...

August 29 2005
yeah, so after school, after mom picked me up, i was like "yes! time to go get Margery!" and mom told me we couldn't cuz my dad says their computers were down over there or sumthin but... later tonite, my dad said "no, you could've gotten ur car, i just couldn't pay yet."
so i could've already gotten Marge back! but now i have to wait til 2morrow!
Speaking of tomorrow.... no school! yay! anyho, i hope i get alot done 2morrow.... i think i'll rearrange my room and stuff... *shrugs*
if anyone wants to do something, call me: 895-7353
ciao! lovies!


August 29 2005
Dudette. You recognized my Chiyo icon and I am so flattered. :) I added you back. :)