July 18 2006

Ok, get ready for a butt-load of pictures (from West Side Story, Graduation, and my family New York trip):

look! i'm siging autographs! I'm a STAHR! lol

Dad and me after he gave me money. thatz why i'm so happy lol

Elissa, Rae, me, Bos, and Big Al lol

Me and Mrs. Donna after the Senior recital. I love that WOMAN! ^^

Everyone that was in the Senior recital

Dad, me, and Bos at CHOCOLATE WORLD!! They had singing cows! SINGING COWS! ^^

Dad, me, and Bos on the ferry from The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Mom and Dad on the carriage ride thru Central Park

Me outside the Shubert Theatre where Spamalot is performed.

Dad, Bos, and me in front of the guitars at Hard Rock Cafe bein all gangsta!

Bos and me in the Gershwin Theatre- the home of Wicked!

Me outside the Gershwin after seeing Wicked. ^^


July 18 2006
ahhh WSS =]