March 04 2006

I had to work last nite so i had to come straight from work to WSS rehearsal this morning at 9! >.< and then we got out of rehearsal early ^^ w00t! then, Rae and I went to Wild Oats ( in Nashville). If you don't kno, Wild Oats is a natural/organic food store. We had lunch there (amazing grilled veggie sandwich thingy ^^ and lattes!) And i bought some non-dairy icecream, soy cheese, veggie corndogs, and fruit leather ^^ NUM NUMS! lol
we then returned to Rae's crib and hung out (watched Date My Mom and Drake & Josh ^^ lol). Then we took a walk. here are a couple of pics from our walk:

Rae and I doing gross faces lol

Rae and I smiling like Dwander >.< ew lol

this is (i think) a very cute pic of Rae and me ^^

i have to work tonite. Church tomorrow... then back to school... w/ WSS rehearsal/head-shots after school. and we have to sing at a game... *sigh* so tired...


March 03 2006

So I worked as a judge runner w/ Rae at the MTVA Choral Festival hosted at First United Methodist Church. Here are some pics:

Me this morning in the kitchen

Rae at the church this morning

Bekah at the chruch this morning

Lil John at the church! ^^ awwww! itz like a CD cover ^^

Ashley Brown and Rebekah Minor! i love them! they are so amazing! ^^

i had fun but i'm really sore from running all over and up and down that church! >.< i feel like such an old lady! i'm so tired! and i have to work tonite! and go to WSS rehearsal tomorrow @ 9 in the morning! >.<


March 02 2006

Bible study last nite at my house... my lil sister wasn't there cuz she had Damn Yankees rehearsal...

so many things killing me...

I work at the Choral Festival tomorrow...

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"You see? We will get to that place some day
I want to show you a superb view
That's the sign for tomorrow, our future"
-Ayu (criminal)

The evolution of Ayumi Hamasaki!

Lent..? i get rid of that everytime i clean my bellybutton! lol

March 01 2006

So... UTC's best choir came and sang for us this morning. w00t.

Cantante Domino! Cantante Domino!Cantante Domino!= my theme song lol

"everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
You can fly higher
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
Because you have wings
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
You don't have to be afraid
everybody GO! everybody JUMP!
I'm just the same"
-Ayu (Humming 7/4)

Ayu is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! ^^


February 28 2006

"Yeah we’re gonna

Bop, bop, bop
Bop to the top

Slip and slide and ride that rhythm

Jump and hop hop ‘til we drop

And start again

Zip zap zop
Pop like a mop

Scoot around the corner

Move it to the groove
‘Til the music stops
Do the bop bop, bop to the top
Don’t ever stop
Bop to the top

Gimmie, gimmie
Shimmy shimmy
Shake some booty and turn around
Flash a smile in their direction

Show some muscle

Do the hustle

Yeah we’re gonna bop, bop, bop
Bop to the top

Wipe away your inhibitions

Stump, stump, stump do the rump

And strut your stuff

Bop, bop, bop
Straight to the top
Going for the glory
We’ll keep stepping up
And we just won’t stop
‘Til we reach the top
Bop to the top"
-Bop to the Top (HSM)


February 27 2006

"I remember I went to sleep late that night feeling uneasy
And had a very sad dream
The phone started to ring in the morning, breaking the silence
And the premonition became a reality
Leaving an unfading scar on my heart
You became a star by yourself

*Sayonara --- You have gone to the place where we can never meet again
I can't accept the coldness of the eternal parting
I wish I could have heard from you
That I had certainly been loved by you
Only once, even if it had been a lie

The sorrow I had thought to be endless came to an end
The season has changed, I feel bitterly cold
I will never forget that first day of summer
The sky kept on weeping instead of me this year
I feel as if I were living in the continuation of the dream
And I can't even cry now

Sayonara --- Even my last words don't reach you
I'm made to realize the coldness of the parting
I wish I could have heard from you
That you never regretted the days we had spent together
Only once, even if it had been a lie

Why did you do it this way
Leaving memories only to the very end?

(*) repeat

Please tell me this is only the story of the continuing dream
And that I'm not yet awake"

-Ayu (Memorial address)

"my head is reeling"

February 27 2006

"This feeling, this feeling, go up into the sky
And be dispersed beautifully like a firework"
-Ayu (Hanabi ~episode II~)

no day but today

February 26 2006

So... last nite was fun ^^

This morning was alright.                                         Church.             

                                           Lunch at Toot's.                            Hanging out at Rae's.

                  Shopping.                                   Visitation.                         Starbuck's.

Wal-mart.                  Dinner @ Rae's.                      Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

Pics from today:

Elissa in her cool shades

Dad... teaching Bible study...                                     i kno lol

Chey and me and will doing something weird in the background...

Our group at Toot's... there was like 30 of us!

Bosly w/ Jordan's keys (how adorable is he?! ^^)

Will w/ his mouth full of someone else's fries

Rae and I standing infront of the dressing room mirrors at Sears

Rae wearing a really cool hat at Wal-Mart lol

Rae totally accidently squirted herself in the face w/ shampoo lol

the amazingly magical rainbow slippers i got today for $3! ^^

the cool vest i got at Charlotte Russe today for like $3

so, yeah. back to school tomorrow. Which should be interesting cuz of the gratfitti i've heard about....

Pray for Danyelle's family.

Saturday woah... yeah... uh huh...

February 25 2006

I hung out w/ Rae last nite and then went to work.

I excercised for like 20 minutes today. *is proud*

I'm supposed to hang out w/ someone today but we'll see. and then i have to work tonite...

Ayu's new single comin out March 8th:

"When we chose our ways to set out
You and I still looked like a child with unprotected smile
Though it has become difficult
To smile in complete innocence like we did at that time
We can realize more now
We can see more now
So I remember my promise to you
That I wouldn't easily give up"
-Ayu (Born to be...)

RENT is so magical...


February 24 2006

last nite was the best West Side Story rehearsal EVER! it was fun and productive! ^^
I worked out at home for 17 and 1/2 minutes yesterday! w00t!
I met Debi, Madison, and Elissa at Chick-fil-A for breakfast/bible study this morning and it was pretty good.
I hope today is good.
I hope tomorrow is better.

"For what purpose are you ashamed of yourself?
What is waiting for you after that?
Though I really like your way of walking
In which you head straight and hit against a wall so often"
-Ayu (Startin')

*sings* "I like the city of San Juan!"

February 23 2006

We spent an hour working on America yesterday at West Side Story rehearsal. Tonite, we have rehearsal from 6 to 9.
We had Bible study last nite @ my house and i was not in a good mood...
My dad bought an elliptical machine the other day. I used it twice yesterday and once this morning. I love it! I wanna get in shape so bad and hopefully it will get me there! ^^

"I like glittering things and pretty things
As much as before
But being cool and being tough
Have become more important lately"
-Ayu (my name's WOMEN)


February 22 2006

West Side Story rehearsal last nite was fun and productive! We did the Mambo! w00t!

I gotta go out tonite!

February 21 2006

Direct quote from Drake Bell's mom- RobinAvatar
"Drake had the wires removed on Thursday, they gave him something to sleep.
Then he went to another dentist, and he was with him for about 4 hours. When Drake left he had temporary teeth.
He can eat now, and will be returning to work. We are not exactly sure when, Josh is very concerned it is to early. Josh has been there every step of the way for Drake. They have become very good friends through all of this.
Josh told me about the 2 things Drake is up for....the Drake and Josh and Drake for best actor. He was thrilled for him, I didn't understand how Drake would be separted from Josh especially since the show is both of them. He said "that's show biz" but he was very happy for Drake. I have been to Drake's a lot more since the accident, Josh is usually there too. Since they are not working, it is nice to see them hanging out.
That is the latest update."


February 21 2006

Wicked! As Long as You're Mine! this song is sooooooo sweet! and itz from one of my favorite musicals!

RENT! this movie comes out today! i can't wait! ^^

Aida! I was in this musical last year here at Siegel and it rockd! ^^

Gackt is so hot and his voice is soooo awesome! and he can play like a billion instruments!

last but certainly not least, my idol! AYUMI HAMASAKI! ^^

I have a voice lesson today and i'm pretty excited about that...

We have West Side Story rehearsal at 6. i hope it goes well and we have fun! ^^

Thank God for Presidents!

February 20 2006

no school today. i've been pretty slow getting up and adam today... but now i'm going... i showered (and shaved my legs! yay! lol) and i'm about to dry my hair. Then I'm gonna finish cleaning my room and go to Rae's. (we might try to make a veggie pizza and then) we'll go shopping. her dad is driving... i'm not too excited about that. i feel like he doesn't like me...

"Born to be free, since that day
My dream has continued"
-Ayu (Born to be...)

i think i have a new obsession: ICONS...


February 19 2006


so I sang Never Alone (by Barlow Girl) at church this morning. here's a pic Elissa took:

after church we ate and hung out at Jayson and Kelly's. i love them! they are so cool! ^^

but after looking thru Kelly's Avon catalogs, i realize how bad i need to go do some girl shopping... >.<



February 18 2006

I auditioned at MTSU today. It had itz ups and downs but overall, i think they liked me and i think i did pretty well ^^

last nite, i went to Rae's and showered and hung out and watched The Grudge *shudders* and then i was kinda spooked so Bos went w/ me to work and stayed with me.

here are some pics from Mom's 20 yr. award and last nite @ Rae's:

Mom getting her award from a Joel Grey look-a-like

my adorable mom in the snack line

Dad and Mom ^^ awwwwwwww!

Elissa and Rae after watching The Grudge

Elissa, Rae, and I doing our best Dwander smile

Elissa, Rae, and I          YEAAHHHH!!

Elissa                                       cutie

don't kno what i'm gonna do today... oh yeah... SNOW!


February 16 2006

Mid-state choir at David Lipscomb. 'Twas fun. I gots pictures:

Rae and I listening to High School Musical on the bus

Jackie and Brady on the bus

amazing Pizza Hut cinnomin sticks! *sigh* heavenly...

Rae, me, and Elissa            normal...

Rae, me, and Elissa           kinda crazy... lol

yellow circle is around random goodlooking guy that was walking across campus ^^

me and Elissa after the concert

me and Elissa     and what the-? Bosly in the background! lol

me, Bos, and Elissa

Sorry about looking so rough. here's the story: we took a bus up to David Lipscomb this morning and we left our concert clothes on it so i we could go get them and change before the concert. so our bus driver drops us off. she then leaves town and so we had another bus take us to our bus and get our clothes. Girls changed on the 1st bus and guys on the 2nd. and then, when we returned to campus, we had to run to the concert hall to get there on time! *sigh* it was gross...  but fun lol

tomorrow is a half day and mom gets a pin for working at MTMC for 20 years! Elissa and I might go see End of the Spear.



February 15 2006

last nite, i went to my lil sister's house and gave her a special Valentine/B-day present. and she got me and my brother calanders for Valentine's day (mine was RAINBOWS ^^ and my brother's was Star Wars ). and we hung out and talked and watched some High School Musical (i got the soundtrack yesterday ^^).

i hope today goes well. we have West Side Story rehearsal after school

"We're all in this together
Once we know
That we are
We're all stars
And we see that
We're all in this together
And it shows
When we stand
Hand in hand
Make our dreams come true"
-High School Musical


February 14 2006

yeah, just Happy V-Day everyone. NO, i do not have a Valentine... but oh... i aspire to have one by next V-Day (if itz God's will). but today is my lil sister's 16th B-Day! ^^
my lil sister ^^ she's so cute! >.<

last nite was fun. i had dinner @ Rae's and then we went to rehearsal. Mama G didn't call to tell us it was cancelled. we didn't find out til we got there and read the note on the door. then we hung out in the parking lot. then Rae and I went back to her house and watched High School Musical ^^

"You can start your plan whenever you like
And you can end it
When it's ready
It's up to you"
-Ayu (Startin')


February 13 2006

I had alot of fun at Elissa's B-day party yesterday ^^

here are some pics:

Elissa and Cool Kid Kelsey in the car on our Video Scavenger Hunt

Elissa wearing her B-day crown that lights up and hold candy ^^-she is disheveled from running through the Walmart parking lot lol

yeah, i wish i had taken more but o well...

SNOW DAY! w00t! ^^

"For what purpose are you ashamed of yourself?
What is waiting for you after that?
Though I really like your way of walking
In which you head straight and hit against a wall so often"
-Ayu (Startin')


February 10 2006

i'm glad itz Friday... i had so many plans for today but i think they've all fallen thru (mostly b/c of my laziness >.<) but o well, i gotta work tonite and tomorrow nite and Sunday is my lil sister's B-day party! Sweet Sixteen! ^^ tee hee! so excited!

"There is no answer
No matter where you search for it
But you will never have
This moment again in your life
If you have decided to live in your way
Accept the answer
Different from your ideal"
-Ayu (Startin')

Ayu's new song/music video ^^

TGIF! w00t!

February 10 2006

yay! itz Friday! ^^ thank God! ^^
Ayu's new music video is out today. the song is called Startin'. i've seen a preview but i am SO watchin the whole thing when i get home... whenever i go home today... cuz i have alot do today...
i gotta go to the mall and get some of Elissa's Birthday present and i gotta go to Kyle's so i can borrow a clarinet. (yes, i'm finally taking it up again! ^^) and i work tonite so i gotta pack and i need to figure out my crazy schedule for this next week >.<

lyrics from Ayu's new song:
"There is no answer
No matter where you search for it
But you will never have
This moment again in your life
If you have decided to live in your way
Accept the answer
Different from your ideal"
-Ayu (Startin')


February 09 2006

and yay! 2 hrs late to school! and... i think we're not going to 2nd or 3rd period! ^^ i can't stand my 3rd period! Drivers Ed.! >.< bleah!

I had dinner with LaDonna at Toot's yesterday. and then we went to Hastings. I special ordered the High School Musical soundtrack and i bought Lindsay Lohan's new album lol yeah yeah i know! but itz pretty good! everyone should check out her song "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" itz awesome! ^^

"When the white snow colors the city
Let me stay by your side
Though I may bother you
Again and again
When the white snow melts
And the city becomes vivid and colorful
I like to keep you closest
To my heart"


February 08 2006

I am so P.O.ed at my parents! especially my mom! they won't let me check out of school to go have lunch w/ my friend who is moving away to Florida for 6 months! this is the last chance i have to spend time with her! and so i got mad when they said i couldn't go and my mom got mad at me for getting mad! it ticks me off that she acts like she's the only one in our house allowed to get mad and bang crap around! >.<

"You shut the door of your heart with a violent noise
And lost the key to open it"
-Ayu (About You)