Look, everybody! Naima is writing on Phusebox!

April 17 2006

Ok, so I followed Carla's link to quiz galaxy.com, and thought it would be an utter shame not to share with you fine people the the results:

How I would be defined in the dictionary...

Naima Khandaker: "Having the texture of congealed cheese."

 I am truly flattered.

Anyway, while I'm here (and NOT working on my huge art project that's due tomorrow), I thought I would let you guys in on some great news!

I just found out on Friday that I've been accepted to Teach for America!  My placement is in an inner-city elementary school (my first choice age group) in Washington, D.C. (my first choice city), so it looks like I will be living there for the next two years!  This is pretty much my dream job!

My life rocks! :o)

Nathan Moore

April 17 2006
I always remember you having the texture of congealed cheese... just kidding. Good to see you actually posting on PhuseBox... congrats on the Washington DC thing... that is awesome... I know you will have loads of fun!

Carla Simpson

April 17 2006
haha congealed cheese! sounds like something i would find in my fridge... anyways! congrats on Teach for America!!! you and jenna should definately hang out b/c that's where she's living too! i'll have to come visit you too! aww, my naima's moving away!!! when are you moving??


April 19 2006
naima!! that is AMAZING!!! yay! i have a friend here who is doing the same thing - i just think it's awesome! when does it all start?

Carla Simpson

May 08 2006
haha waaaay too many! i'm actually going to be quiting health services so i'll only have the opera and doubletree. phew! it's going to be one busy summer!