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not many


October 29 2005
Hey its been a while since I've gotten on here. I just got back New York. It was fun but I'm getting ready to go to bed so I'll say more later.

Betsy Mcmahan

November 08 2005
Hey Alden!

Betsy Mcmahan

November 08 2005
Hello again! not much is going on...i'm just sitting here, slightly bored. how are you?

Betsy Mcmahan

November 08 2005
Zach is feeling better. I think he's going to be at school tomorrow.

Elisabeth Barber

November 27 2005
Alden<33 How are you kiddo? DEF! Keep in touch with me. I dont talk to many of you MTCS people cept you, sara, drew, zach, and josh? oh yes and jeremy and stewart! haha i adore ya!