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June 28, 2006

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you can\'t take it back...

so way back in june when i was going to Florida i told my mom i was going to get a tattoo on the trip. she said \"No, i want you to check it (the place) out first before you get it.\"

so i go to get my tattoo today....

and surprise: she\'s so freakin pissed...

she said i could... why is she gettin mad?

you can\'t take it back... after u said i could.. u can\'t take it back!

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blah mood

:/... :(

today the good things don\'t weigh out the bad...
nor do the bad things weigh out the good...
i\'m stuck in... a blah mood.

gah i miss him so bad.
it\'s a shame he doesn\'t miss me.
but he is the past.
that i can\'t let go of.

i guess i was wrong... the bad does  out weigh the good.

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there\'s something wrong...
but i can\'t put my finger on it...
okay, so i can put my finger on most of it...
but it\'s not something i wanna dwell on.

went to Starbucks last night! with Brit Stevens... it was so much fun! we ran into Savannah H. and Emily Moore and talked to them for like an hour.

i miss the gang... i hate that everyone went off to college... don\'t get me wrong i Love Middle, but i wish more of my gang was here... selfish i know :(

well that was my vent/entry for the day.

have a good one!
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guess i\'ll start here...

i\'ve had this thing for a while now and never have written anything in it... what a slacker.


college is going well in the aspects that i\'m having fun and the freedom is wonderful!!!! but... the grades aren\'t so good. i\'m not failing or anything but pretty dern close in Gen. Psych. i mean it\'s GEN. psych!?!? shouldn\'t be that hard... but it is.

well i gotta go study for my Social Psych test tomorrow.... :(

have a great night!
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