Hey guys!

April 13 2006

Do you ever fall on your face asking God to pierce your heart? That was me last night, and oh did he do it! My prayer is that God's word would become so real that would it would produce an urgency and passion in my heart! How does God's word impact you? Do you strongly desire to open it everyday, or is it just something you read every now and then because you've heard the same stories again and again. When you focus on what Christ truly did, and you realize how much He loves us TODAY, His word becomes just a little bit more real! God, will you pierce our hearts this day?

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

April 13 2006
Hey, man! You are absolutely right. Sometimes we struggle with the Word because we make the act of reading His Word a legalistic matter. If we want a passion for Him and His Word, we gotta ask for it! Dude, give me a call sometime. I'd really like to hang out and just talk about God stuff with you one of these days. Keep on in Him!

David Ambrose

April 20 2006
Amen brother. I got that poem on here. check it out.

Hope Anderson

May 26 2006
Dilly Willy! sorry i didn't get a chance to see you and get the "update" I'm prayin' for you, brother. God's got it all under control. and all for you good. i love ya, bud! i'll try to call you if i get a chance so you can tell me whatever it was. ~Hope you can also email me at hope.anderson@wilds.org