January 27 2007
I have a really encouraging story to share with you guys! I was at the Shell over by campus, and I was pumping gas. As I was pumping, this woman came over and asked me for fifty cents. I said that I only had a quarter so I gave her what I had. This woman looked homeless, in her mid 30's. She walked over to the payphone, and I felt the Lord say GO and talk to her. So I walked over to her and said, "Maam, how can I pray for you?" She put the phone down and walked back over to me. She asked for prayer in regards to her status. She just moved here from Atlanta, and had no job. This time I asked her if I could pray for her on the spot, and she said yes. So I put my arms around her and just said a prayer for her. When I got done, she had gone from being mad to smiling. Her name was Nita, and the last thing she said to me before I walked away was, "I love you." It was at that moment that I knew it wasn't just Nita saying that to me, it was Christ!!

Phuse what?

January 06 2007
Wow...I have time to write! It's not that I disregard phusebox it's just wow so much to do! How is everybody? Isn't our GOD AMAZING! GIVE HIM PRAISE TODAY! JESUS WE LOVE YOU! MAY YOU BE GLORIFIED THIS DAY!

Bible Trivia

September 26 2006

So here's some scripture that has stumped me this past week! I've already asked around, but it's your chance to respond. I think I've been told the right answer but look for yourself!

In Acts 2:34 it says, For David himself never ascended into heaven, yet he said, The Lord said to my Lord, Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet. When it says The Lord said to my Lord, what does that mean? There's two separate Lord's mentioned, and in this case Peter is preaching to a crowd after Jesus had ascended into heaven! Check it out for yourself and let me know! Michael


September 25 2006
I know it has been quite some time since I have updated this thing! You know life has been busy, but I have a lot to catch you guys up on! I will update you guys as soon as I can, okay! How is everybody? Leave me a comment and update me! By the way, GOD IS SO FAITHFUL AND I DON'T COMPARE!!!

Phuse what?

June 08 2006

Man it has been forever since I've been on this thing! How is everybody? I'm still alive! By the way, this has been a year of brokenness for me. God has humbled me beyond content and I'm so incredibly thankful for it! I love you guys! Just thought I would update! If you want more description, talk to me in person! Adios!


Hey guys!

April 13 2006

Do you ever fall on your face asking God to pierce your heart? That was me last night, and oh did he do it! My prayer is that God's word would become so real that would it would produce an urgency and passion in my heart! How does God's word impact you? Do you strongly desire to open it everyday, or is it just something you read every now and then because you've heard the same stories again and again. When you focus on what Christ truly did, and you realize how much He loves us TODAY, His word becomes just a little bit more real! God, will you pierce our hearts this day?


March 30 2006

What's up guys? Well I thought I would update this thing because it's been forever! Life has been crazy with school wrapping up, and summer on the way there is so much change! This whole becoming an adult thing is wild! Anyways something God has been showing me as of late is that true repentance and change from sin brings restoration. There have been so many times this year where I will struggle with something, and I will continue to pursue that same mistake. I continue until I realize it never gives me what Christ can give me. When I run back to Christ he's always there with a humongous smile on his face! What an awesome God! So the youth are on Spring Break? I'm praying for you guys! Let me know how your trips went! By the way, Amber and I have been dating 4 weeks tomorrow, and I've loved every second of it, even when she hurts me! You guys stay firm! Whether you are strong or weak, the Almighty will illuminate in you with your permission! How awesome!


The Chinese Church

March 12 2006

Do you know what the underground church prays for in China? They pray that we may endure persecution so that our faith may become more extreme! Wow...

Spring Break

March 08 2006

What are you doing during Spring Break? Of course MTSU has given us a break while we are still in Winter which makes a lot of sense! LOL! HAVE FUN AND STAY FOCUSED!!!

Beautiful Princess

March 04 2006

(Picture by Rachael M.)

God just put the most amazing woman of God in my life, and I don't deserve it. I love you Amber!! Sorry about my hott face in this picture! LOL!

The Debt has been Paid...

March 02 2006



How marvelous and how awesome is God's humility. God took care of us forever, and he wanted the harshest punishment to earn it as well. I mean can we fully grasp the ultimate sacrifice of Christ? Sometimes I forget that his sacrifice was the harshest! I know though that when we gaze upon Christ, we will fully get it! I pray that we would live our lives in gratitude for the price he paid this day and until we see him!

Check out Philippians 2 for more!

Solid Root

February 21 2006

God just struck me really hard tonight. No, I don't mean physically, I mean one of those times when God shows you something new and you're like awesome is that! Think back on something God has shown you recently and ask yourself....



February 19 2006

photo from Mdillon2543
Happy Birthday Amber...this is for you...LOL!
Update on Jenn: Jennifer had a biopsy on her pancreas 2 weeks ago, and the doctors came back puzzled. Her pancreas was all of a sudden normal. (1st test her pancreas looked like a 60 year olds) Jennifer is still hurting sometimes, but she may not have CF. Holy Cow it's so confusing! I'll tell you guys though, prayer has been effective so thank you so much! More testing will probably take place in June!

Valentine's Day

February 09 2006


Yes I'm throwing a pity party!               

Why this?

February 06 2006
My dad and I were sitting in his room talking about Jennifer's struggle with CF. I could see the fear marked on my dad's face. I started to get online to research the disease, and someone called me which turned into an amazing God talk. So why do I laugh? Everytime I try to look at medical facts, the phone rings. God says, "Don't worry. Trust me." You know we sit here and wonder why bad things happen to good people. But I stopped for a minute and thought about how beautiful everything about God is, and I simply thought, "God is worth it." I'm not just talking about the cross, although that's important. But what about the beauty of soon coming face to face with a Creator who orchestrated the events of our life to bring us into a fellowship that lasts forever? God has a beautiful plan which we are part of, and as so many disciples have done we should consider it an honor to endure whatever this life brings for the sake of being in God's arms. Because in the end, everything we have endured will have the best reward we could take in. Staring at the face of someone who first loved us...God it's an honor to have this life! We love you...


February 02 2006

Christ died on the cross  for an ultimate purpose, but think about this. He died because he saw the true YOU, and it was too beautiful to hide under the sin that once conquered you...

A 7th Grade Weekend

January 29 2006

 If you're in college what I'm about to say will make sense. Now I know why Mom went so bezerk in the 7th grade! LOL! I found myself saying, "Was that really me then?" I think I owe my mom an apology! LOL! It was a lot of fun though, and God did some awesome things in our hearts!

What happened this weekend?
~Phenominal bible studies I know within our group, and I heard all of them went well!!! Praise God! Seeds planted!
~Scavenger Hunt-We went to Waffle House and got someone to spill a coke on one of the youth! Then, get this...8 7th graders having a strawberry nugget milkshake immediately pulling in the attention of everybody at Mcdonald's...
~Laser Tag- Everybody seemed to love this part that is until we ran down 2nd Avenue while it was pouring down rain. Also, I don't know if anybody noticed but the youth were giving to people on the streets...AWESOME!!!
~Bus Ride- Wooh! It's good to have wild and crazy times with a bunch of insane guys! I definitely got thrown on the floor though, and I'm pretty sure somebody else opened up the window just in time for poor Mikey to become a drenched puppy! LOL!

In all seriousness, man it's so important to invest in youth. God is doing amazing things in their lives, and they really are FIGHTING for the Jesus who they love very much! What an awesome joy it is to be able to witness those seeds being planted in the hearts of young warriors! Sometime this week lift those guys up! They need prayer and accountability!  

Eternal Uproar

January 22 2006

Portion from "Stars" David Crowder

and you should hear the angels sing
all gathered round their king
more beautiful than you could dream
i've been quietly listening
you can hear 'em now, i hear em now!!!!

I was reading that, and it sent chills down my spine. The anthem of adoration and glorification is almost here! What an exciting time we are approaching! REJOICE!!!

Supremacy yet Intimacy

January 19 2006

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church, he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.                              Colossians 1:15-19

Jesus desires you...You are precious in his sight...Even someone with that much supremacy will do ANYTHING to gain a second of your time. WOW....

"I baptize with water," John replied, "but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the throngs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie."                                             

 -John 1:26-27


January 17 2006