You guys make me laugh

January 20 2006

To all of my girl:

Thank you for being your wonderful selves and making me laugh.  I miss you all so much sometimes.  It's really too bad that we all have our busy separate lives - we're so good together (and terrible sometimes too, but that makes it more interesting).  Ok - have to go eat some yummy yummy in my tummy Milano's!!!!

Looooove you!


My Head Hurts and I LOVE Parties

January 18 2006

I just had dinner with Sara and Allegra - Bridal shower on Sat. Feb. 11th 3pm and Bachelorette (sp?) party on Sat. Feb. 25th.

Be there or be SUPER gay!  By the way, bach. party at a new gay bar!!!  Yea!  I love gay people too!

Anyway, my head hurts (which I do not love) - so I'm going to email Sara some addresses and take all of my drugs........Mmmm, druuugs!  Then Helllooo Bed!

P.S. - Give some love to the condiments please Sara!