Life as I don't know it.......

January 20 2006

There is a slightly amazing difference between living and surviving.  It's not difficult to survive, but to live is probably one of the greatest obstacles we have to beat. 

Endymion was a youth who fell in "love" with Diana, or Selene, it depends on your local, the moon goddess.  He spent his nights on Mount Latmos, wishing she would call him up.  In the end Zeus caused Endymion to sleep eternally so he could stay with the moon goddess.

Bulfinch describes the story with the phrase, "a life spent more in dreams than in reality..."

I know it doesn't make any sense and it's not rational, but when has Greek mythology been sensible?  The underlying truth or meaning is that the things we need to do to live, NOT SURVIVE, but LIVE might not be rational.

"I am alone and I am searching, hungering for answers in my time.  I am balanced at the brink of wisdom, I'm impatient to recieve a sign.  I move forward with my senses open.  Imperfection will be my crime.  In humility I will listen, we're all swimming to the other side..."