prose before...well you know the rest...

December 17 2005

Reason number 8 on my "Why College Is Not Too Cool" list:  It alters my immune system and sleep cycles.  I was never really sick this past semester, but I always had a lingering cold that would show up every now and then.  Today, however I guess my body broke down, because I don't think anyone in the history of colds has had one like this.  To the Sleep Cycles.  Since my finals ended Wednesday morning, I don't think I've left the REM stage yet when i'm asleep.

Today, I was scrounging around the downstairs closet looking for, what we call, "The Sick Blanket," and I came across my favorite shirt from one of my retarded stages.(The Sick Blanket deserves a post all to its own)  The reads, "Prose Before Hos", I thought it was hilarious, blew twenty bucks on it, and never actually wore it.  My mother did not find it so amusing.

Dimetapp is a blessing indeed.


December 17 2005
haha that is amazing. i want that shirt for christmas