Its just a season thing...

November 06 2005

"...I was everything she wasn't: she was gorgeous, I left much to be desired; she was healthy, I was prone; she was youthful and tight - skinned, I was prematurely aged by excessive worry;...she had meaning, value, importance, was well dressed, clear thinking, impeccable in periodontal care, incapable of shooting a political misleader, certainly unable ever to be rounded up as either a homeless person or illegal alien....I...well, I've had problems in those areas."

I like it when I stumble across old notes I've left to myself and never found again.  I like it when you put a song on repeat and then you forget that it's even playing until someone turns it off.  I like it when MTSU shuts down the Sunbelts top offense. 

It's strange how life works out sometimes.  You have a phone conversation with someone and then later on you run into them.

I'll be around the bend...