I finial am updating this!

August 12 2005
It's been awhile since i updated my phusebox! SORRY! I have been kinda busiy and have had nothing important to but down! Well, last sunday i had to say stuff about passport in church! I was so nervous but i did ok! Well i am pertty busiy with field hockey and gettin ready for school...now i have a few partys i am going to and yeah! I have been keepin in touch with my friends from passport who are the coolest ppl! Yeah ohh i never said thanks nat for listenin to mer that thursday! Well, once school starts and church starts up again i will have a hactive life including field hockey! Well summer was great and yeah!!


September 04 2005
Hello! my fellow Goonie ;-) sorry i havent been on here much. I like xanga better. My xanga is browneyes_brownskirts if you'd like to drop by sometime :-) I suppose Ill talk to you later~! God Bless you! r-