Photo From LiveLageAndHard

August 01 2005
Passport was so much fun!! I had so much fun! I can't stop saying how much fun it was! I grew so much closer to my church group and other people there! I feel like i wasn't very close to my church. Now i feel like i can actually talk to them with out feeling small! It was great every night suomething cool happened!! Monday- Lot's of Liquid Tuesday-The dance(wer were crazy stuff) Wenseday- Funfest and thursday- TRLol(canceled cause of a storm) It was so much FUN, the theme was LOl meaning LIVE OUT LOUD! The people there were so nice. I meant so many great people. I learned to be more opened with people!
So i think being there helped me learn more about god and who i am as a person and my relationship with god!

photo from LiveLageAndHard


August 02 2005
hey, im so glad u had as much fun as i did at passport, luvu, ~*chelsea*~