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April 16 2006

I am so tired of feeling like my life is in shambles all the time. When did my life become so screwed up? When will I have another completely happy entry on here without any complaints? I'm trying so hard to be a good friend to one person but somehow that makes me a bad person to another person. I can't ever seem to win anymore. I am so sorry that I'm not perfect. I'm so sorry that I didn't stay that perfect daughter who never gave my parents any trouble. Do they have any idea what I'm going through? Do you know what its like to have your parents tell you they hate you, that your daddy can't even look at you anymore? My grandparents won't come to my graduation because they hate me, along with my favorite aunt. "They can't stand to be around you" that's what my mom said. I'm turning into such a hateful person because of all this. I told my mom that I hated her after she said she hated me, and it scared me that I might mean it. So many things have changed in my life and I'm having such a hard time adjusting gracefully. I AM SO SORRY THAT I'M NOT PERFECT. They don't even know me anymore. Why can't I just go away?

Every day is a winding road... I'm just trying to walk on the path of life

I thank God that I still have him. Good doesn't come without a price, but bad can bring good. He's my Heaven and Hell.

Hunter Barry

April 16 2006
Whoa... despite the text's best efforts to blend in with the background, that was moderately intense.

Jessica Rich

April 21 2006
I know exactly how you feel...