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March 15 2006

WASSSSUUUPP.... Jinna and I are bored in first period hangin out with Mama G (WOO WOO...NOT!) So this is my first blog...go me! I definitely like Myspace better but hey, you can get on this at school so I'm not complaining too much. Anyways... so Jin and I are officially (Jin says that word "definitely has two 'f's") too cool for school! We should be allowed to graduate early cause we're just that cool! And Chelsey Duke is the most awesome person with curly hair in first period with us! OH YEAAH! Ok so now I'm feeling gay so I'm gunna stop while I'm ahead...yeah right. Well ya'll be good, ya hear?!

Love ya lots!! Annnd *SMOOCHES*


Brian Asbury

March 15 2006
yeah okay you are so totally kewl... NOT... you are so gay and you dont even know it... so like english is way wicked boring so i will holla bak @ you later

Brian Asbury

March 15 2006
excuse me while i go jump up and down with glee and happiness, jerk off. :-D

kaitlin gay

March 15 2006
haha.. yeah--me and carlton were having some "sister time" =) its pretty awesome! hope you had a good day today!