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The First Annual Night of New Thanksgiving.

November 24 2005


Today, I stayed home from school.  ShaSha and I frequented Delmar, where we ate pizza, bought useless things, regretted them, and kind of bickered like old people.  I love her.  A lot.  Tonight was to be our first annual Night of New Thanksgiving.  And it was!  Amy and Monica and I made clams and chicken nuggets and cheese sticks and apple pie and muffins and even a pomogranite.  We didn't make that last one.  Obviously.  It's God's creation.  And speaking of which, you should watch "Palindromes," our feature presentation for the evening.  So amazing.  Please see, thanks.  After our film, we made paper bag Native American vests.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope your Night of Old Thanksgiving is a good one, tomorrow, friends.

With Warmth from
Your Friendly Neighborbood Native Americans
In Paper Bag Vests.


November 21 2005

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The show is over.

I'm staying at the Hard Rock in Vegas over New Years.  Then I'm seeing Rob Thomas, along with a bunch of celebrities.  Weird.

Meta Meta MO!!!

November 17 2005

Belleville West Little Theatre Presents


Thursday, November 17
Friday,  November  18
Saturday, November  19
7:30 P.M. in the Performing Arts Center

Do yourself a favor and spend an evening this weekend submerged in the mythical Greek tales of Ovid, a collage of deep stories of love and loss, and how they change over time.  The words are nothing short of poetic (literally,) the set, its focal point being a gigantic pool of water, is dynamic, and the lighting and beautiful music make the show pleasing in every aspect.

Really.  Amazing.  Come and see it.  You'll probably wet yourself. 


October 25 2005

The Ballad of the Shape of Things

Rectangular is the hotel door my true love tried to sneak through
Rectangular is the transom hole by which I had to peek through,
Rectangular is the hotel room I entered angrily, and
Rectangular is the wooden box
Where lies my love neath the golden phlox
They say he died of the chicken pox
In part I must agree
One chick too many had he
Triangular is the piece of pie I eat to ease my sorrow
Triangular is the hatchet blade I plan to hide tomorrow
Triangular the relationship which now has ceased to be
And triangular is the garment thin
That fastens on with a safety pin
To a prize I had no wish to win
It's a lasting memory
That my true love gave to me

Fancy Chow (And Wine)...?

October 24 2005

Today, when I was leaving practice, out of no where came a girl with a large wooden rifle.  I'd seen them before, these rifles, and I guessed that they were for ColourGaurd, or whatever that extracurricular activity is in which they throw flags and things like that at football games and the like.  Anyways.  I was walking behind her, and after slyly glancing at me, she began to twirl her rifle.  It was the most artful spinning of a rifle that I'd ever seen.  I had no ideal white woofen rifles (Tongue Twister? Yes.) could be so beautifully artistic.  Well, I wouldn't say beautiful.  But.  You know. 

We blocked the kissing scene today.  Now I'd say THAT qualified as beautiful.  We hold hands, kind of-- Lauren sitting on the step, and me on the edge of the pool.  Then, Lauren touches my cheeck, and brings me a bit closer to her level.  Then we kiss long and look into each others eyes.  Ha.  I like it a lot.  It never fails to get an "Aw!"  I'm kind of secretly hoping that it causes an old, sexless, hung on the rack woman in the front row to have her first orgasm in ten years.  I MEAN WHAT?

New. Shmew. What?

October 23 2005

Hmmm.  I wonder if I'll keep this up? I think I like it.