August 4 2005

August 04 2005
Well, I am siting at Austin's computer right now and decided to make a post. Things have been going good latley. I just got back from NYC and Paint the Town. It was great, the things I saw there. Thank you to everyone who was praying for us while we were up there. God really moved in some amazing ways. I know that he had me there for a reason. Despite the fact I didn't really want to be go in the first place..... Anyways all in all it was a good trip. I have been confused about so so so many things latley. I am so lost and not sure of where to go next. During the trip though I could really feel God was moving in my heart.... You know it really amazes me that God never turns from us. No matter how much I strugle to get away. No matter how mad I get. No matter how stuburn I am. When I turn back to the only thing I know is true, He is always right there. Though I don't deserve His never failing love He never wavers. It is so awesome!----- Well me and Austin are fixin to watch a movie so im gonna go but until next time I hope whoever reads this in some way is blessed. Peace Out!

Be joyful always. Never stop praying. Give thanks in all circimstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ. 1Thes. 5:16-18

July 19 2005

July 19 2005
Venezuela was amazing. I had a really good time. It was hard at times because Kyle was supose to be going on the trip with us. Even in light of that, God did some amazing things. We left in the morning at 5:30 and got to our hotel in Ciudad Boulivar at 10:30pm. I was very suprised by how nice the hotel was. It was up on a hill overlooking the whole city. It even had a hammock in each room! Our first 2 days in the city we split into about 6 groups and went door knocking to invite people to a family Bible study and VBS we were having at the church we were helping. We also went to different places in the city during the week and sang. Each night we did a Bible study and VBS. (like I mentioned before) Those things are what we did every day while we were there..... It was cool to see how God was moving in the people of Venezuela. Especially the people that were already attending the church we were helping. Their faith was so real and active. There was a guy that went to the church that couldn't help but share his faith. Get this - he was driving into the city each weekend from a town 2 hours away. He would stay there and learn all that he could from Jimmy (preacher) and then go back and teach the people in his town! If that is not commitment to God and proclaiming Jesus, I don't know what is. Not only was that cool to see. It was cool to see God moving in each person's life that went on the trip with us. I tell you, I am still trying to process everything that was going on in this trip we took. It was by no means an ordinary mission trip, but God had us there for a reason and he showed up regardless. I am just thankfull that He gave me the opertunity to be apart of it.

July 11 2005

July 11 2005
Hey I am in Puerto Ordas airport right now! Im doin good but I gotta catch my flight so see ya! By the way God has done some amazing things I will write more later

June 25 2005

June 24 2005
It has been a while since I have posted so I thought it was due time. - - - - So much has happened in the past couple of weeks! I know I might be late saying this but... Big Stuf camp was AWESOME! You could really tell that God was working on every person's life there. I really needed to see God in such a real yet different way. Big Stuf Camp really helped minister to me in my time of need. Through the the death of Kyle I have felt both an extreme seperation from God but also an extreme closeness with Him. It is weird how God uses these so called valleys in our life to become even more real to us. I know that God had me at Big Stuf for a reason and I KNOW that He was moving in my life there. That to me is amazing to think about. I can still remember getting the news about Kyle and screaming that I couldn't do it again. I was certain that I couldn't go through what I had done 2 times before, especially with Bruce. I was broken in half and felt like God was taking my already wounded heart out and riping it in half and stomping on it once again. It is so so crazy how hopless I felt, yet now exactly a month since Kyle's accedent, I can say I have victory with Christ!There are so many example of God moving in my life the past 4 weeeks. I wish that I could write about all of the examples of God's work in my life but if I were to do that, I would be typing for a long time, so I will spare yall. I just want anyone who reads this to know that if you are feeling hopless I have gone through a hoplessness this past month, I never thought I would have to experience. Yet God continued to help me and mold me into the man he wants me to be. Please know that if you are in a where' s God time in you life, God is beside you whether you feel him or not. ---- Maybe I will write more later on what God has taught me through this situation. Until my next entry, I hope everyone is having a great day, night, week, ect.

June 9 2005

June 09 2005
WOW Get this!! I was sitting in my room today and I opened up my sr. yearbook. I havn't been able to look at it since Kyle's wreck but I was having moment when I was really thinking about what Kyle meant to me and the times I had with him. I had been waiting to look at my yearbooks because I knew that it could be very painful. All this said... I decided to see if I could find what Kyle wrote in my yearbook last year. When I opened the cover i imediatly noticed his hadwriting and began reading. Before I tell you what Kyle said I have to preface this... I know that some people don't beleive that God is moving around us and influencing situations in our life but I am a firm beleiver that God is very active in our lives. What I read is another perfect example of God's influence on my life especially to comfort me in this hard time in my life. I was thinking about everything today at work and it was really bogging me down trying to sort my emotions inside of me to make sense of everything. That is why I know in some way I was meant to read this today... Anyways this is what he said - " I really appreciate what you wrote las year. I wish you the best and it has been my privaledge to know you these last three years. Good luck in all you do and take God w/ you. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HEAVEN WITH YOU." John 3:30 - Kyle -

It was like Kyle was talking strait to me! It was like God knew I needed to read that and used it to confort me. I don't know, maybe you don't think that God was behind this but I know that I do. God has been so good to me. I was blessed to have such a great christian friend like Kyle. I am waiting the day that I leave this world to be with my Lord and I have Kyle, Bruce, and Ellen there welcoming me!

June 8 2005

June 08 2005
Hello everyone. I hope everything is doing well. I just got back from church and the restaurant raid.... it was a blast. I really appreciated Clint taking about Kyle like he did. Kyle deserves to be reconized for the life he lived. Just like Bruce and Ellen, Kyle was on fire for God and everyone around him knew it. That is somthing to talk about, ya know? I would appreciate if while you are reading this, you would throw up a prayer for the McCabes. I can't imagine what they are going through right now. Pray that God will comfort them and give them peace. I know that God is already at work in their lives as we speak but more prayers can only help. I would also encourage you to look at the Daily News Journal from June 8 in the local news and read the article that was attributed to who Kyle was. It gives me comfort to know that Kyle's life is impacting even the people's lives outside of the circle of people who knew him. It was cool that the news paper article touched Clint enough to include it in his talk tonight. That is proof that the article is impacting people and God is being glorified through it! That is the one thing that I really wanted the article to portray. I wanted God to be shown through what we said about Kyle. I was afraid the newspaper would avoid the God aspect and focus on somthing else. Obviously it didn't though. I thank God for the oppertunity to honor Kyle and his family and God through being given the oppertunity to talk to the DNJ..... For those of you who have been very supportive of me through this rough time, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has really meant a lot to have my friends and family gather around me. So thank you in a whole. Until my next entry, I hope all of you have a great day, night, week, ect.

Praise be to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19

June 7 2005

June 07 2005
My brother is gone...... for good...... It is so wierd thinking about that. If you read this Nathan, I hope you are having a great time up in the BIG apple. I know you will fit in just fine. You know with you i-pod and all hehe. But yea other than my brother leaving, I am doing aright. I received the chance to honor Kyle today with some of my friends by being interviewed by the DNJ. I am really excited about the artical because I know that God will be glorified through it. Kyle was such an AMAZING Christian guy. For those of you who didn't know him, he was one of the guys who I looked up to as a spiritual leader in my life. His life was spent running the race to become more and more like Christ every day. He suceeded in this. He touched so many lives around himself. No matter if you knew Kyle as a close friend or just as an aquantance, you couldn't help but know he was seeking after God in everything he did. Just one clear example of the type of person Kyle was is this... I talked with Kyle many times about his future plans and where he wanted to go to college. It wasn't so much the decision of what he wanted to do than where he wanted to go to college. All in all he decided that he was planing on being a missionary and going to Harding University in the fall to get a Bible degree. It is very rare to find a person so early in life that is already so devoted to God that he would hand his future to God even when it is not what the world views as successful. Kyle was an amazing friend and an amazing christian. John 3:30 - He must become greater. I must become less. This was Kyles favorite verse that he signed many of his letters with. I thought this would be an appropriate way to close my entry.

June 6 2005

June 06 2005
Well I finally joined. You would think that the brother of the guy who created this thing that I would have jumped on the wagon a long time ago..... hehe