May 01 2006
So there are so many times when i feel like i am not at all making a difference but then there are times when i do..... Why do you think this is. I mean it is like days I exist and others i dont. But i feel likeevery day i am striving to show christ and be nice to everyone so what is the difference???? I just wish I could feel like people loved me enough to hang out with me because of me not because of what i can offer to them..... Of course how many times do i hang out with people and am only thinking of myself..... I dunno maybe im too much of a leach. Maybe im just not cool.... I just want to feel like people care that i am even around..... It is so funny how that works.... It is almost like so many people spend so much time absorbed in themselves that they miss the point that God has us here for..... I know i am guilty of that.... but i also feel like i am a nice guy and when i do not feel like anyone cares that i am even there I am hurt because i start searching myself wondering if im not the christian example God has called me to be.... Because if i were i think people would be drawn to me instead of pushed away. I know that the bible says the world will hate you but i am not in a sphere of people that should, also i think that i have done nothing to make them hate me in the ways of faith...... I just wish i could go down to the lobby of my dorm right now and know i am welcome.... but i can't..... I feel inhibited or somthing..... but then i think that is the devil and i should take power in the victory i have in jesus christ and not let this world get me down..... You ever feel like you have all this faith wrong? Like you are going at it wrong. Like there has to be a better more efficiant way....... Thats how i feel right now. Anyways there is a walk through jonathans head at this minute... see ya.

Praise GOD!!!

April 30 2006
ALL praise be to God!!!! 

Question for you biblical theologians.

April 24 2006
(John is warning against false teachers in this passage)
2 John 7-11

7 Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist........ 9 Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him. 11 Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work.

Does this mean I as am called as a Christian to not support organizations
that promote things that obviously contradict the words of God? Because they
are supporting leading people away from God's divine plan.... ex. Ford supports
the gay rights movement. It could be said that they are  promote these people to walk away from God. Would
I be "sharing in their wicked work" if  I bought a brand new
F-150? Or is their work even considered wicked? Just a thought. I would really
like to hear what you have to say.

In Him,
Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Fun times in Greek

April 18 2006

Ahhhh good times....... I was trying to open the window in my greek class and well........ Lets just say after a lot of blood loss I am okay and I can laugh about it! But the window still hasn't been fixed. HAHA

Girlfriend no more on April 27

April 13 2006
I think i am going to break up with my girl friend for the past year...

Greek going out with a bang!

April 11 2006
Three greek test in one week. No Jonathan that can't be right. That is impossible. Well the impossible just became possible. 3 greek exams this week! I had one today. I have another on thur and then another on friday! Im pretty sure this has to be a sin somwhere in the Bible! haha j/k... But 3 test in greek in one week is craziness. all i can say is wow and that i need God's help to not stress too much. The reason i write this is to inform yall that i need prayer. thur - 8am-9:30am and friday 8:30-9:30. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!

New Passion CD!!!!!

April 06 2006
The new Passion Everything Glorious CD came out yesterday! I give it a TRIPLE BOOOYAAA! Highly suggest it for anyone looking for a good worship album. 

Yes I know its's long...

March 30 2006

God has really been kicking my butt about how comfortable I
am. God has kept reminding me lately of 1 John 3:17-19 which says this: If
anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on
him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with
words or tongue but with actions and in truth. Pretty intense huh??? Yea that’s
what I thought.... After reading these verses I began to wonder if they
describe me... You probably know what the answer was. Yes. So this is kinda
what God has been putting on my heart: Let me start with what I already know -
I am blessed. Materially. Spiritually. and Relationally. What do I do with
these blessings? I relax in them. I sit back and say "Life is great."
So knowing these two truths obviously raises some problems in accordance to
these verses. Here is the problem - I push what I know is true out of my mind
in order to fully enjoy what God has given me. This truth I neglect is that
around the world people are suffering uncontrollably and I sit within American
soil and say all is good. Why!? I am called as a child of God to love the world
as Jesus did. So is my apathy here in the states doing just that? I would say
no. Do I have "pity" on the hurting. To an extent yes but do I
accomplish the second part of the verse by loving with actions and truth? Most
the time not! You see this is what I'm boiling it down to: My relationship with
Christ Jesus should be intimate and real enough to propel me to the action of loving
people in need even if I don’t know or even see them.  I should be so in
touch with God’s heart to be moved by what makes him hurt. I know that God
hurts for the his children that are hurting here. He also hurts for Christians
that miss what joy and passion comes from helping our hurting brothers and
sisters. So I ask myself. Am I in touch with God’s heart so much that I will
stop at nothing to fulfill his wills and passions and feel his hurt??? If not I
should be striving at all cost to grow our relationship in a way that that
describes me. We as Christians are called to seek God no matter what the cost!
Do we live according to that calling? Do we abandon all for the love of God? Do
we have pity on the hurting of this world we so often ignore? I confess to you
I have lacked in all of these. What is God telling you?

Thrid Day Tickets

March 23 2006
Ok a lot of you posted saying you would be interested. Here is what i came up with.... Not much. I emailed the girl that would know asking if i could buy more than one student priced ticket but it has been about a week now and she hasnt written back. So i figure i cant but i am planning on checking again when i go back to school but then it may be too late. So i would suggest getting on ticket master beacause it doesnt look too hopful. sorry..... 

Third Day at Lipscomb?????

March 16 2006
Aright fo rizzle. I got a question. Who is serious about going to the Third Day and David Crowder concert at Lipscomb April 1? I might be able to get good prices on the tickets so write me a messege and maybe i can work somthing out.

Fish Sticks

March 16 2006
If I were fish what type would i be?

Greek Test Tomorrow

March 13 2006
What up! What UUUUUP!!!! Hey there all you people in internet land. Jonathan Moore has another Greek test tomorrow (march 14)... Therefore he would greatly appreciate any prayers from his peers. It is at 8:30-9:30 but last time we checked God accepts prayers around the clock. The Jonathan Moore foundation would like to thank you for you consideration and prayers.

Greek test

March 02 2006
Greek test went well! There is no way i did that on my own so praise god and thank you for he prayers!


February 28 2006

At ALL Cost

February 27 2006

Why are we are so complaisant? Why are we so apathetic to
what God is doing among us! Why is it that when God is obviously telling us to
do something we just turn our back on the living God of this universe or we do what he says half hearted? How can
we be apathetic to a God that is so beautifully and amazingly pursuing each of
us to the point of death!!! How can we listen to THE WORDS OF OUR GOD and them
not change us and excite us? Something is NOT right about this! GRRRRRRRRR We
have been given the best gift ever and the best promise ever yet we are so
apathetic about what those are!!!! When one of our brothers or sisters in
Christ are hurting we make excuses not to pray and bare their burdens. When we
see hurt in the world we say it is bad but rarely do anything about it. We go
through days and weeks at a time not spending time with our amazing
AND THE WORDS OF GOD GIVE US? God has been convicting me specifically about
this. I cant understand how this has become so common place in our churches
today… We say God is so amazing and good and his story is so awesome but what
do we do while hearing and even saying this? We sound and act like we are
hearing our 5th period math teach lecture about long division. How
Our God’s very own words! I am so guilty of all of this I am saying but I tell
you this: I am sure trying to not be so apathetic to God and his words anymore. I am
striving to get back to seeing the power and the wonderful story I have been
missing. Because when i begin to grasp how beutiful and AMAZING the story i find myself in is that gives me passion and a fire beyond myself to share and strive even harder toward God! Anyways Im gonna stop typing. This is not a post to get comments. So give a comment if you want but I would rather you spend the time you would commenting
listening to what God is saying to you through this. Cuz I believe these words are
from my heart and something that God has been teaching and showing me…


At ALL Cost

February 27 2006
1st let me get this off my chest.... I can't beleive no one commented on my last post about THERION! --- One weekend was so amazing! God really showed up!!!! I have talked to many people that are amazed at how God blew their expectations out of the water! I am also in that boat. (haha water and boat... how rich) God is so amazingly faithful and we got to see that this weekend. For everyone who did not get to go this weekend, you should ask somone you know about it.... Anyways I am sure there have been like 20 post just like this so I am sorry but I had to tell how excited i am about what God did this weekend! Praise God!

Heb. 10:19-25 <-- this is the set of verses we went over in small groups this weekend.


February 23 2006
THERION,n.: wild beast!!!!!!!! Isn't that great! We learned it last chapter! HAHA All should know at least this word if not any other greek words! pronunciation - short E sound; ee sound for the I, like in knee; and a long O sound!


February 20 2006
MARTUREO - I bare witness too. I have been reading some entries from Jesus Freaks. The thought crossed my mind. What would I do in any of these situations these people found themselves in.... I would like to say I would do the same, but who knows if that is true or not. I want soooo bad to have that type of faith!!!! I feel as if my faith is strong but would i carry it to the point of dieing for it? How awesome would it be to die for God and after you are gone your story would live on and encourage and spur christians behind you to carry God's name to death! I almost wish i could go through a situation like these stories! I long for a passionate pursuit of God that would carry me to that extreme! Oh God I pray oh God that you would ignite a fire in my bones to share your name fearlessly. I pray oh father that you would give me a passion to carry your name to death. I pray father that you would make me a warrior for you and your amazing name! God reveal youself to me. Shape and refine me into the man you want me to be! Oh father, let your wills and passions be my wills and passions!!!! OH GOD DO NOT let me get in the way of what you want to do with me! God humble me and break my heart if I ever am letting this be about me... God I love you! Give me a burning passion to go and share you with others! Give me a faith that is like these martyrs!

One Weekend!!!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

February 20 2006
I am so excited about this upcoming weekend! I can't wait! I know that God is going to do so much and i am blessed to be a part of it so booyaaa to that! I pray that God is working on the hearts of everyone involved with the weekend. I pray that God will soften each of our hearts to hear what he is trying to say and teach to us this weekend. I praise and thank God in advance for what he is going to do! I KNOW it is going to be AMAZING! For anyone who is going this weekend and reading this, I hope you are just as excited as i am! prepare yourselves for what God has in store for you. If not BE EXCITED!!!!!!! haha Anyone who isn't or is going this weekend, prayers would be appreciated. Thanks! Praise God for what he is preparing for us! ARIGHT WELL PEACE OUT!

In Him,


February 14 2006
yea, i'm the father of Brians kid. So what?

ps look at Brians post and you will get the joke.