July 29 2006

Okay, I've asked this favour of you guys a million times before, but...

If you would please pray for me, I would be greatly indebted.  The power of faith is an incredible thing, no matter what that faith is, and I have a firm belief in its powers [yeah, I know, believe me or not].  Okay, the prayer request is pretty vague, but here goes:: A remarkable opportunity has come my way, and I'd give just about anything for it to come true.  I don't want to say anything more specific, in case it doesn't manifest.  [[I also believe that 'if you start out depressed, everything's kind of a pleasant surprise.'  Yeah, a bit pessimistic, but a coping mechanism nonetheless.]]  So if you could ask your God or Buddha or Beatific Tree Sprite, whatever is applicable... I would be very, very appreciative.  :)


Salsa dancing [written in red for spicy ambience]:: Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Lessons start at 9:00.  May or may not be a cover charge [can't be in excess of $10, certainly].  I know ladies got in free on Friday [yesterday] night, and everyone did on Thursday, but I don't know whether those were one-night, uh, stands.  No experience necessary.  The instructor is wonderful.  He laughs and jokes but keeps the class moving and breaks it down for you.  The club is open until 3:00 AM, but of course you can leave whenever.  You can leave at 9:01, heck.  It's at Ibiza Nightclub, on Old Hickory.  Basically, your directions from Murfreesboro are:: Take I-24 West.  Take the Bell Road exit, and turn LEFT onto Bell Road.  Drive, drive, drive.  When you come to the intersection with Nolensville Road, go through it and look on your RIGHT for the Sherwin-Williams paint store, across the street from a Mapco or some other gas station with a greenish colour theme.  It's in that little strip-mall area.  Parking is terrifying in that they block off random allees and so forth, but not unbearable.  You just have to be flexible, or able to defy physics.

That was a really long paragraph.

Sorry.  I'm spastic.  Sudden news, combined with sleeping from 3:00-5:30 AM leads to massive weirdness.



the brian king kenobi

July 29 2006
sounds exciting


July 29 2006
I'll pray for you!