Lamest Headline EH-VER.

July 28 2006

"Senate Chiefs Plan to Resist Compromise on Energy Bill."

Do I even need to rant upon this?  Isn't that why we elected every last pinhead working on Capitol Hill?  To work things out so said things get signed into law?  Of COURSE they're not going to agree initially.  Why break with years of grand tradition?  But if anyone's going to make any progress on anything, there has to be some give and take.  Quid pro quo, just like Doctor Lecter says [and he seems vastly more intelligent than those 100//435//535 slobs, numeric value depending on whether we're discussing the parts or the whole].  Ugh.  Nerds and cads, the lot of them.  Anarchy and root beer for all.  S.O.B//Senate Office Building is such a telling acronym.

That's so lame.  Who actually PLANS not to compromise on something?  Aside from them, they're obviously bacteria in business suits.  That's like the court [any ol' court] saying "We'll bring your case to trial, but we're already planning to euthanise you."  Gee, your honour, how can I ever thank you?

And Israel is adding troops to the campaign they're not expanding.  Because, yuh-huh, that makes sense.  *WTF Moment*

Ugh.  Whatever.  When territory on the moon is finally up for development, I'm so buying the entire bloody thing and putting a laser force-field around it that will incinerate anything which does not have clearance to enter.  But I'd encourage them to try, just to have something to watch at dinner.  "Hmmm, who told Keira Knightley this was a resort?  Mwa, ha, ha.  Honey, where do we keep the Champagne?  Oh, no reason..."

Hmmmm, okay, Kelly shouldn't read the news in between dancing and sleep.  It disgrunts her and leads to long diatribes against anything breathing.

I shall discourse upon the state of salsa [as in, ensuing opportunities thereof tomorrownight] when the sun is up.

Bon soir!  [Ou "Bon matin," peut-etre.]