July 25 2006

I have too many books for my single bookshelf.
[So naturally, instead of extending my literary collection to a random wall-display-shelf-thing, I put my magazines on display.  All three complete years of monthly issues, plus an additional half-year of 2oo2, and another random one from 2oo1.  It makes sense.]

And the cat is on Valium.  Again.  He walks just like a little drunkard [one covered with black fur] -- it's so sad!  "I'm from Scotland, here's my mother's telephone number," and all.

New Current Favourite Quote:
Never give up what you want most for what you want right now.

Live it, love it, serve it on toast, etc.

Come on, MTSU, a little room assignment action would be wonderful.  Thank you.

OH!  Haircut.  Thursday.  I am so excited.  You have no idea.  It's been too long.  This whole "growing out" concept is a pain.  XP  Blech.  Snippy-snippy!