Typing today's events would take too long....

June 07 2005
01. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
02. I will then tell what song/movie/icon reminds me of you.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be.
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
08. Put this in your journal -- or die.

Pretty sure Elizabeth and I stayed up until 1:00 AM talking.... And apparently the bursts of giggles managed to permeate the cement block walls and herald our neighbours.

Oh crap -- I still have philosophy homework to do! Meh, I'll do it when we have to be on our floor (silly me, who thought having thrird floor would be fun.... Until I had to climb the stairs after using the elliptical machines....!! Feel the burrrn.)

Damn stalkers. And fie on people who move away and don't tell you until the day before or THE day they take off for New York City. Led to one very upset Kelly for about twenty minutes (and then I got distracted. Ooh, people!!)

I'm off to play frisbee in the dark. It makes things more exciting that way.

Day I of the Governor's School Expedition

June 06 2005
So we're sitting here in the computer lab (the GOOD one, that actually sends email and follows links you click) debating how Winnie the Pooh is an acceptable reference for the public speaking class, but The Little Engine That Could is not. *Rolls eyes* Silly boys....

And now they're considering Bill Clinton as a source. I love this place.
I may never come back.
Only kidding. No one else plays with swords, so I can't stay THAT long. Sigh-dom.

Pretty sure we had our first round of classes today. Dr. Brown is the token philosophy teacher. Soft-spoken, physically nervous, and strokes his goatee. But it's the eyes that betray all. They're very distant, incredibly detached from reality, but with a certain intensity behind it all. We wound up taking notes during his discussion of class procedures, because he went off on so many philosophical tangents. Followed immediately by, "and the grading scale...." *We stop writing* "We were taking notes on the grading scale?" "I don't know. It sounded more like how we were related through space." "Didn't we just meet yesterday?" "Yeah, yeah we did." But he already presented so many interesting points of view and concepts. I'm really going to like this class, and hope to grow and stretch as a "material object." Some of the stuff sounded so much like The Matrix, I had to refrain from bringing it up. I was afraid he'd smite me. But.... Wow.... One of the things was how God in fact does not know himself, or his infinity, and therefor creates in order to make mirrors of his self and limit his infinity. It was really interesting, and makes more sense in my notes over on the third floor of the dorm. Regardless, we escaped with massive headaches.

In Geography we were guilted about Starbucks!! *Shock and horror* A peasant farmer in Columbia spends hours harvesting coffee beans to fill a 150 lb. sack, which Starbucks buys for $50. That bag of coffee beans nets Starbucks $23,000. Twenty-three thousaaaaaaand. And then we were told to name cities in France -- other than Paris. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. So owned that. :D But yes, Mr. Wenz is interesting. He grew up in Germany during WWII, so I'm going to try to get some stories out of that. Joyous moment of the class: He's describing how we sent a massive satellite into space engraven with the Vitruvian man [or so I guessed, given his description] and the recording of a whale's sound "in case we meet Spock." At which point, I flash a Star Wars sign. So he thinks I've got a question and calls on me. At which point I had to explain just what exactly I was doing. *Ahem* ANYwho....

Oh! We ate lunch with a Ukraine business lad. He thought we didn't know where Europe or Greece were. So Elizabeth [superfantastic roommate who loves soy milk and the Democratic view] and I played it up, "Yeah! We're taking geography!" But he wanted us to go off-campus and help him find "where the people dance," which we informed him was forbidden. And we had to define "humidity," and explain country music. But he was really nice, and might come back for lunch tomorrow.

Anywho, I should probably run. Yay for free time!
Might emcee "talent show" here. Yay for emcee-ing! Considering Vaudeboro fell through. Oh well. It happens.
And hopefully learn to develop photgraphs in a darkroom.
And work the newspaper.

This month is going to be freakin' awesome.
But I still miss you all.



June 05 2005
I'm leaving now.

It's exciting. *Excitement sparkles* See?

All the cool kids will write to me. I was even nice and gave you an address.

Kelly (Sulli) Sullivan
Governor's School for the Humanities
Ellington Hall
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238

But email is faster.

Not that I'm insinuating anything, that is. *Wink*


June 04 2005
Pretty sure I friended half the world without messaging prior to such a dastardly deed.
You know you love me.
So friend me. [*heart*]
Hey, it's that or die.
I'm pathetic.

I did it -- I succumbed. I got one of these maddening little doo-hickeys.

That makes a total of FOUR internet journals for me.



I'm pathetic.

And this thing is confusing. *Neurons fuse*

[LATER] Okay.... I think I've got it.... You can't warp the HTML. Drat. Oh well. Brian's right [yes, you heard me] -- this thing IS like the lovechild of Xanga and MySpace. Freaky.

Well, I'm off. Pizza is beckoning. Stuffed crust, no less. I'm a lucky girl, I am. *Grins* More ramblings later.