The Sad Truth

December 10 2005
Originally Taken: December 10, 2005
Camera: Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark II

John Weber

December 10 2005
WOW THAT IS THE GAYEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!! he is lucky that the ncaa is bending the rules for him this time, they shouldnt even do that, using agents for the nba draft is legal, but it also makes you ineligible to play in college ever again, thats ruined the lives of plenty of people who thought they could get money and left early, he should be no exception to that rule, its ridiculous that they are even letting him play next yr, plus 2 yrs! most get none, i think its pretty outrageous that uk keeps going about this, even in court and that these fans that obviously dont have a clue about ncaa bball and rules would put a sign up like that, gosh uk cheats in everything, thats why they couldnt go to a bowl game in football, even if they were good enough, o well enough ranting, maybe kevin can help me out on that one, he seems pretty knowledgeable, but dang those guys in the pic, come on,


January 15 2006
yeah that is definatlky the gayest thing ever. everything john said is true so i wont repeat itbut not only should he never play again isnt it suspicious that the prove UK needed to get him back just magically appeared at their doorstep. how come they couldnt find it before. and even is he didnt have the intintions of being drafted he still hired an agent and should never play college basketball again. Mike Williams got kicked off of USCs football team a few years ago for hireing an agent. Maurice Clarett got kicked off Ohip States football team for hireing an agent. Muhammed Lasege got kicked off of UofL's basketball team a few years ago when he accidently signed an agent and his really was an accident because he couldnt read the language of the contract. last time i checked morris can read english but he does go to UK so who knows. hmm Azubukie didn't get drafted, are you sure he wanted to get drafted? im sure theres a file somewhere proving his innocense. and john I dont think Francisco Garcia wanted to get drafted by the Kings, maybe we could get him back. and if it wasnt bad enough, now that you guys have him back, your still losing. last year you guys were absolutly in love with Sparks, now hes not playing good and you hate him. as a matter of fact you guys owe all 10 of your wins to us. Rondo (who isnt that great anyways) never would have come to UK if Telfair if hadnt said he was coming to UofL. jeez now im angry. sorry the help came a little late john but i hope i got my point across