Last Day OF SCHOOL!!!

May 25 2006
Today was our last day of school! i'm happy. we had our graduation at old male today, then we left to go to kanasas. i'm writing in our hotel room in st. louis. well, im just glad that's its finally summer, and i am now a 9 th grader in high school.

throback week

February 23 2006

so this week in the SEC is throwback week. they're pretty tight uni's.


February 19 2006
yeah, so the retreat was pretty cool. im really tired right now cuz i just got back. i really dont feel like talking about it much even though it was cool.


December 30 2005
Well, since it has been al ong time since we have last updated it, alot has gone on.  The first thing is that UK actually beat the muchly overated U of L.  Enought of that... Christmas was crazy.  My dad's family came in from everywhere, and my uncle was sick.  After he left everybody else started getting sick.  Then my grandpa started getting sick and on Christmas Eve, he had to go the Hospital and was there for about 5 hours.  Every Christmas Eve we always open presents, so when they got back at 11:00, we opened presents.  And then I was up all night trying to get my iPod to work. It wouldn't so I had to take it back and return it (but I got a PSP to replace it so that was cool).  Well, thats pretty much whats been happening with me.


December 14 2005
Happy Bday to me!

Christmas Party

December 09 2005
So I just got back from my Youth Goup's Christmas Party. It was totally awesome. We had Chic-Fil-A for supper, and we played alot of games and stuff like that. And then we went to Lazer Blaze and played laser tag. It was the first time I had played laser tag since I was like 9 years that was fun. And I am also very happy that it is almost Christmas and my B-Day is on Wed. Well, that's whats going on right now.

Casting Crowns

November 27 2005
Well, last night I went to the Casting Crowns Concert in Frankfort and it was the best flippin concert I've ever been to. Casting Crowns is the best Christian Band ever. And the Band before that was . I got their CD and it's pretty good. But yeah, it was a really good concert. Oh... and one more thing, I am sorry to say that UK lost once again yesterday (I know this comes to a suprise for most of you).

Happy Turkey Day!

November 23 2005

Tommorrow is Thanksgiving (a.k.a. Turkeyday)! WOO HOO! Turkeyday is my 2nd favorite holiday. (Christmas of course being the first). Tommorrow I plan to stuff my face and afterwards I plan to whatch football. (Doesn't that sound like the life or what?) But Thanksgiving is more than a day for stuffing your face with all the turkey and gravy you can eat, it's about being thankful for what you have, and as Americnas we have alot to be thankful for. Well, that's my wise statemnet for the day. Have a Happy Turkey Day!


November 18 2005
Well, I am absolutely the most bored person on the face of the earth.  Anyways, I went to see the new Harry Potter Movie tonight.  The Goblet of Fire was pretty good, but it skipped alot of stuff from the book. But all in all, it was one of the best movies of the little series thing. Tommorrow I'm going someplace for my Grandmas B-Day. We go to the sameplace every year and then drive around random places looking at suff (just to put it in a nutshell). Well, I think I'm gonna go and stop boring you.


November 12 2005

Alright. You guy's will not believe it, but UK actually won a football game today! I know, I can't believe it either. Ya know what, we might actually have a chance at going to a Bowl Game! ( That is if we beat both Georgia and Tennesse.) But I seriously doubt that would ever happen. But ya know it was an accomplishment today because that was pretty much the only Road SEC Win Kentucky has ever had. So, ya know today wasn't to bad for me.

Nothin Much

November 10 2005
Well, not much has happened lately.  I got the new  CD.  It's pretty good.  Nothin much else is goin on right now. Well, anyways.... see ya later.


November 07 2005
Well, right now I'm kinda bored.  So, I decided to Blog in on the coolest Blog/Website thing ever.  Nothin much is goin on right now.... Except that the  are about to beat the crap out of the  on Monday Night Football.  If you haven't noticed already by the description I have laid out for you, I think that the Colts will win.  If they don't... well I'll probably delete this entry so there will be no rude comments.


November 06 2005

DNow was pretty much one of the coolest things ever.  Roger was with us and that was pretty cool.  Katie was pretty cool to.  Anyways, we went to the Nursing home and played Bingo.  It was actually really cool.  I'm kinda tired right now so I think im gonna go.

My First Entry

November 06 2005
So, this is my first entry on Phusebox.