Hello phusebox

June 21 2005
So i found this and found out the infamous Nathan Moore created it, so i must support him and start one myself. I must say, this beats xanga, myspace and all others.

Stacy Freeman

June 21 2005
ahhhh its alison!!!wow i havent seen you in for EVER!!!well i love you!! Stacy Freeman

Emily Mitchell

July 01 2005
allyson...you are the coolest! we must hang out sometime this summer!! peace! -mitcha-

Nathan Garrett

August 15 2005
Allyson!!!! long time!!! Just wanted to say HI!!!! Hope all is well!!! ps. Do you remember me?!!!haha

Garrett Haynes

September 01 2005


January 12 2006
HAHAHAHA!!! c u in 4th!!!