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October 09 2006
Well, its that time a year again.  Lately most of my life has been devoted to something our church does called "The Judgment".  Today, as well as a few days before this, we have been working on a lava mound for the hell scene, of which I am satan... muahahaha..., and it is finally starting to look like lava.  We took paper... mache' (sp?) and did the first few layers to start, and then we just threw all of the newspaper into the paste and flour mix, ground it up into a really thick paste, and globbed it onto the structure.  It was messy... and smelly.  But it is going to be cool and you all should come out to see it.

Oh and to all who were concerned, I am feeling much better now.  Thankx for your comments.

Jamie Crabtree

October 09 2006
So my stuff helped?

Michael Hooper

October 10 2006
I'm not sure, because the doctor had already given me steroids and antibiotics at that point.

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November 19 2006

Jessica Jo

December 20 2006
You need to post and update about your life. I'm sure something interesting has happened to you since October 9th...