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Death to Mister Clique

August 02 2006
Adam and I are still in Texas, and tonight we went to the youth group at the local AG church.  For those of you that have been in our youth group since it was called power house, you appreciate this... anyway the youth service tonight was a death to mister clique service.  It was so cool, of course ours was better, but it was fun to sit through.  So many funny stories came from tonight, Adam will probably post some, but it was just so cool to see another church do that.  They had a funeral and eulogy and everything. 

Well, I hope everybody back in Tennessee had a good wednesday night service too... ummm.... I never can think of a good way to close these things out.... let's try... peace out.

Isaiah Jensen

August 03 2006
I didn't go to the Death to mister Clique service at our church, but I heard that it was awesome. I am glad that you are enjoying your stay in Texas. Service tonight was good, Praise and Worship was awesome!


August 03 2006
COPY CATS!!!!!! but did they have a song, too??? that was my favorite part

Michael Hooper

August 03 2006
they had 2 songs at theres... ish

Rebecca Jensen

August 03 2006
Our praise and worship service last night was phenomonal!!!

Bill Morgan

August 03 2006
Hey Hey ... (as Paul would say) ... keep up the blogging ... wish I had seen one or the other ... sadly, none of that here in Angola