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December 21 2006
    Ok, no, I'm not pregnant, but people said that I should posted more often, so here's a post.  Hmmm... something interesting.... hmmm.... oh, schools out, and I get to keep my scholarships for next year.  YAY!

Ok, I'm done


October 09 2006
Well, its that time a year again.  Lately most of my life has been devoted to something our church does called "The Judgment".  Today, as well as a few days before this, we have been working on a lava mound for the hell scene, of which I am satan... muahahaha..., and it is finally starting to look like lava.  We took paper... mache' (sp?) and did the first few layers to start, and then we just threw all of the newspaper into the paste and flour mix, ground it up into a really thick paste, and globbed it onto the structure.  It was messy... and smelly.  But it is going to be cool and you all should come out to see it.

Oh and to all who were concerned, I am feeling much better now.  Thankx for your comments.


October 02 2006
    So lately, I've been a little sick...  I think it is from the season change.  My sinuses are all messed, and intern that has caused my throat to start to feel dry and scratchy. And for some reason I have a little trouble breathing.  This has all happened before, and when it did before I just went to the doctor and they gave me some amazing stuff, so I'm going again to day.

    On a brighter note, this all means I don't ahve to go to class today, YAY!


September 23 2006
I'm debating blogging more, but  I don't really see the point unless I have something major happen in my life, and  even then I just never really feel like taking the time to put it into words, and onto my site.  It just doesn't seem like you would be interested in the mundane events of my life. Would you rather me just post random, insignificant stuff that happen really often, or just save blogging for more interesting subjects?

Moved in

September 02 2006
Ok, so maybe I have been moved in for a week, but I hadn't ever posted about it, so I just thought I would tell everyone that I've moved into my new apartment, and well, its small... or atleast the room is small, It has a pretty big living room and kitchen, but there just isn't room for all my stuff.  I guess I'll just have to be creative with my arangement.  Well thats my post. Bye


August 23 2006
So today Kenny did a sermon on the types of  music we listen to... good music and bad music type deal.  So I volunteered to come in early and help.  I got there... well first I worked on a video project which got corrupted and we couldn't use, but that's another story... but then I get the task of creating a wooden structure that kenny could place music devices on... i.e. cd playerss boom boxes, and a computer monitor, which was for people who listen to music on the computer, so that he could destroy them with a baseball bat.  But he gives me pieces of wood, a saw, a hammer, and some nails, and says go at it.  With the help of Andy, another youth staff member, we erected this beautifully crafted piece of manliness, that not only supported the weight of all the electronics, but it also held up through the pounding of the bat... I feel like I have accomplished a great task and my life is complete.  I created something with my own two hands... and Andy's too... but it was amazing.


August 22 2006
Ok, so I haven't posted in awhile, but there's really not much to say.  School is starting back next week.... that stinks.   Ugh,  that's about it really.  Hope nobody reads my blog to cheer up.  Talk to you later.


August 07 2006
Ok well, adam and I finished our journey to texas, but now we are in Orlando for Fine Arts with our youth group.  Tommorrow we are going to the beach, it will be a lot of fun.  OK... I'm done. bye

Death to Mister Clique

August 02 2006
Adam and I are still in Texas, and tonight we went to the youth group at the local AG church.  For those of you that have been in our youth group since it was called power house, you appreciate this... anyway the youth service tonight was a death to mister clique service.  It was so cool, of course ours was better, but it was fun to sit through.  So many funny stories came from tonight, Adam will probably post some, but it was just so cool to see another church do that.  They had a funeral and eulogy and everything. 

Well, I hope everybody back in Tennessee had a good wednesday night service too... ummm.... I never can think of a good way to close these things out.... let's try... peace out.

Pirates II

August 02 2006

Ok, so I saw Pirates II last night... great movie.  But now I am going to have to wait in anticipation for the third just to know how it ends... kinda frustrating.  Besides that nothing new really.  Texas is still big... and hot... and flat. 

Until next time, cya.

In midland

July 30 2006

Ok, now we are in Midland, Texas.  Really the climate isn't much different here.  It does get a little hotter during the day, but not much.  Sunsets are beautiful.  We got into Texas at about 10:00pm yesterday, so we got to see the sun go down while we were on the road.  Gorgeous.  Ok, well thats all for now.

OH yeah... adams dad cooks great steaks... yummmmmm

In Springfield

July 28 2006
Ok.  Well, I am here with adam in Springfield Missouri.  We decided to go a little out of the way on the way to Texas and visit adam's old youth pastor.  But we are about to go.  Just thought I'd say hi.  Bye

Blogging more

July 26 2006
Well, I was told that I need to blog more, so here is another blog.

I am leaving for texas for the next week and a half, and once I get back I will be leaving immediately for Orlando, so I won't be blogging for awhile.

Bye all, I hope you enjoyed this blog.


July 14 2006
    Well everyone... I caved! I now own my own phusebox... comment :-)