Phone Numbers!

June 24 2005
Well today ended the 2nd week of camp :( I think I have too much fun there! Anywho one of my campers asked me to come to his house tomorrow but I was like I don't even know where you live silly boy! He finally got me to give him my phone number. I hope that I made the right decision b/c Susan who works with me says he calls her like 5 times a day! Oi! Anywho it'll be alright!

I'm all shook up!!!

June 12 2005
Whew! I feel like I've been around the world! Well just TN I guess! This weekend was Jeremy and Kim's wedding. It was beautiful!!! It was like a fairytale. Anywho I went to Graceland and the Memphis Zoo. They were fun places!!! I made WAY too many pictures but its all good. Tomorrow I am going to be EMPOWERED!!!!!! Day camp begins and I am a little nervous b/c I know none of the kids, but I am REALLY REALLY excited!

Lauren, now all the babysitting stories that took me forever to tell will be camp stories....I can sense your excitement even from an hour away!!