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July 10, 2006

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God, picking my nose (when no one is looking), reading, camping, music, working with children and youth at church, coffee...


coldplay, lifehouse, U2, classical music, shane&shane, relient k, david crowder band, others...


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 10 things I hate about you, patch adams, beautiful mind, gladiator, napoleon dynamite (though i


the screwtape letters (c.s. lewis), the calvary road, relevant magazine, nursing stuff, bronte sisters books...

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after graduation

Well, I have a job at Vanderbilt for after graduation in May. I will become a Nashvillian at the end of May!
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ha ha...i think i meant passion 06 (hard to attend something that is already over)
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where have i been?

it seems i have been gone for about 48 years or i am again on phusebox. life has been very busy, but good. the tasn convention went really well, and i am no longer on that board! i have 1 more clinical rotation this semester then i\'m finished until after christmas break (yipee).

looking forward to passion \'05 in nashvegas over christmas break. a group from the gathering is going, and i\'m so excited!!!! speaking of internship is going well.

i guess that\'s about all. learning not to depend on people or things but GOD only! that lesson isn\'t always fun or easy but what lesson worth learning is!

i have a test tomorrow so i will go study now!

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totally cool

so these are the topics coming up at the gathering the rest of the month...pretty cool!!

Alias: Finding Your True Identity

September 11: Forgiven

This is the place we start. We cannot realize our full identity in Christ until we join the forgiven.

September 18: Slave

We talk so much about the fact that there is freedom in Christ. This is what we want to hear. Just as present in Scripture is the idea of being a slave to Christ. What does this mean in a culture that cries out for freedom?

September 25: Holy/Saint

That word, holy, scares up images of plain clothes, no make up, and no fun. But, as a child of God we are called to Be Holy, as He is holy. Is this even possible?

October 2: Called

We are Called to a life beyond the mediocre. Just how far does he expect us to go?
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well, and again

after fun at ihop with my friends, which was after \"the gathering\" the twentysomethings group i attend. anyway, God is awesome and wonderful and....
I\'m so excited about how he has all these plans for me, and how i can just be in love with him. think i had been treating God like a consultant. but he is GOD. so let\'s get that straight!
isaiah 6
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